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Dips - Dressings

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Easy to make. Beats bottled dressings hands down.
I offer this along with fried bread, a side plate of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and black olive tapenade. This is also good for pizza and pasta (i.e. tossed with angel hair and capers).
Lemon and Dijon

A nice French tang in a classic vinaigrette. I crush the garlic with a mortar and pestle and use the mortar (bowl) as the vinaigrette bowl. Another neat way to make quick and fresh vinaigrette is to shake it all in a small Mason jar. What's leftover, refrigerate for more salad days ahead. Use this to marinate lamb chops but it's main purpose is to toss with green salads of any description.

Unusual and very good
You may never return to canned salsas
Great with poultry
Perfectly delicious with turkey, on a sandwich, or anywhere your imagination takes you.
Hail Caesar
Hot and Blue Cheese
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