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Dips - Dressings

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This spread uses a lot of tricks: natural liquid smoke for an instant BBQ taste and the microwave to speed along cooking. In BBQ weather, omit the liquid smoke and grill eggplant until softened.

What’s more sublime than chickpeas, blended with spice and sweet potatoes in a updated hummus?

This is compote for spreading on pound cake or when you want a few sweet spoonfuls of a sweet chaser to finish a meal. This is one of those recipes that should be a side dish but ends up being the legend that made the meal it was made for. It is deep wine red in color, courtesy of the cherries and Italian plums, sweet and tart and utterly sublime. Yes, of course it goes on ice-cream. Or anoint it with some crème anglaise. It calls for orange juice but if you had cherry brandy around that would do nicely too.

This is a coating for soft white cheeses such as chevre. It spruces up a bland white cheese and invites crackers and slices of baguettes. Use extra to add to sour cream as a dip seasoning. If you doubled or tripled this recipe, jarred it up and gifted it, you would have a fine gourmet gift to tote to the next dinner party.

Use this zesty and vibrant spread on crostini, bruschetta, toss it with steaming pasta, fresh parmesan and minced parsley, use it to fortify minestrone, marinara, store-bought pizza.
This is the one to turn to for sandwiches with imported cold cuts or German style sausages and sauerkraut. Spicy and sweet. It makes a beautiful gift if you tuck it in a basket with a dry smoked sausage, fresh rye bread, imported beer or nippy cheddar cheese and fine water crackers.
Black olive spread. Costs a small fortune in jars. Easy to make at home.
Apples, cranberries, raisins, cinnamon and dried apricots. Try this once and you will never have a Thanksgiving without it.

This paprika tinged cottage cheese spread depends on dry cottage cheese, aka hoop or baker’s cheese. If you cannot find it, drain ricotta or fine curd cottage cheese overnight through a paper-towel lined sieve set over a bowl. You can also use cream cheese but it is not quite the same but still very, very good. Montreal had a restaurant called the Pam Pam, known for lavish coffees, nut and cream filled cakes and these simple, but good sandwiches. Very few elements and yet – this is a memorable sandwich. People also use this filling as a dip.

A little greens, a little cooked quinoa, some Ancho Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes Ancho Sweet Potatoes, Greek Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette and you have a princely lunch.

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