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Don't you love imitations that are almost perfect, let alone easy and fun? This fits the bill. Don't tell Kraft.

One of my visitors, Louise Chowanski mentioned very special, unique sweet and tart coleslaw she finds in a local supermarket deli section. Since Louise is a B&B hostess with the mostess (she knows a great recipe when she sees one), she generously shared with me the basic ingredients and amounts and invited me to fiddle. I did. This is a sweet and tangy coleslaw, chock full of apples, toasted almonds, and a hint of maple syrup and orange. It is perfect with BBQ chicken or ribs or alongside grilled salmon. It is so unique it becomes an instant classic. You can use lite sour cream and mayonnaise.

These are delectable, deeply braised sweet potatoes. Ancho is a smoky, sweet chilli powder. Together with the maple syrup, the ancho infuses a remarkable flavor to these sweet potatoes that is totally addictive. A perfect side anytime but especially nice at Thanksgiving. to order quality ancho spice powder. If you don't have ancho powder, use regular smoked paprika or a touch of cayenne and regular paprika. I assure you this recipe will become a new staple side dish at your house.

A lovely, updated, apple laden kugel that is perfect for Passover. It is a perfect, lightly sweet, side dish.

Add a touch of fresh, tangy cranberry sauce to this appetizer classic. It just takes minutes to create a buttery bundle, filled with oozing, warm Camembert or Brie cheese, with a scarlet dash of cranberries. You could substitute Major Grey Chutney if you like or leave this classic: brie, filo, butter. Provide pear wedges or crusts of bread for dipping.

This is easy to make but easier to buy. One small bottle should last a long time! It is used in Xmas Black Cake and an authentic Dark Rye or Pumpernickle Bread.

Nine of my special recipes that celebrate Thanksgiving (Canadian or American) including, Old Fashioned Perfect Roast Turkey, Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Not-Out-of-a-Box, Layered 'N Baked Best Ever Cranberry Sauce, Best Ever Giblet Gravy,Thanksgiving Scalloped Potatoes, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Durkee Green Onion Casserole, Thanksgiving Roasted Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Casserole, and of course a vanilla-kissed, BB Classic Pumpkin Pie. One batch, one price - just print it out and head to the kitchen. Each recipe is tried and true, definitive, perfect, tested by the chef (me)!


If you like things nippy to the point where they bite back at you, this packed cheddar spread is for you. Great with soft or crisp pretzels, beer, or black bread.

This is from the days where pubs and general stores habitually had such cheese spreads to help hawk their crackers. White horseradish makes this a bit more fierce tasting.

If anything can tenderize stewing beef, it's beer.  If anything can upgrade it, it's red wine. I make this stew both ways and it is stunningly good. This is a sumptuous stew that is braised to perfection in a slow oven. Serve it up in Edible Bread Bowls (small breads, hollowed out, baked become edible . This is a nifty recipe because there is no frying to brown the meat first. It is slow roasted  and there is one other trick that makes it the best stew ever.

There are many ways to make onion rings. This recipe offers the lightest, crispest rings imaginable. Panko are Japanese breadcrumbs and if you try them once, (Costco sells them or Asian food markets), you'll see why they are great for chicken filets, fish and particularly, onion rings. They are available in Asian food stores.  

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