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Canned salmon to the rescue for this snack that is elegant, entertaining fare. This tastes like smoked salmon (lox) at a fraction of the price. It feeds a crowd and is totally easy to make ahead. Great if you are asked to bring something to a dinner party.
I love this herb coating on fresh salmon steaks or filets. Make this in the oven or in papiotte, a parchment paper envelope to quickly cook this in the microwave. This is one of my favorite lunch choices. The marinade lasts for a week or so for using on tossed, boiled new potatoes or in vinaigrette or more fish fare. Serve this dish with wild rice or lemony couscous, a green salad or a Blue Cheese, Pear and Bibb Lettuce Salad with a walnut-based Dijon dressing and fresh French hard rolls.
Use this on pita bread sandwiches, salads, on top of cream cheese and toasted bagels, almost anything. You may find this mixture in a Middle Eastern market but it won't compare to homemade.

Heard of One-Minute Manicure on Oprah? Well, this is a similar concept you can cook up at home. Use other fragrant oils (any toiletry and oils place online as them – Sweet Cakes, Nature Valley, Bramble Berry, From Nature With Love, and Lebermuth Company are some of our favorites), some sea salt and you have an instant spa treatment. Rub some on your hands to soften baker’s hard working hands or gently, on your face to rejuvenate your natural glow. This is a citrus, almond and vanilla approach. You can also use lavender and mint, or lily of the valley – whatever you like.

Why buy these when you can recycle your going-stale-anyway bagels?
This makes awesome, zesty, snappy bagel chips in no time flat. Serve with cream cheese spreads, hummus or any dip you like.

Self Rising flour is a specialty of Southern baking but it's certainly nationally available and a flour homemakers used since the 50's or so (would have to check on that!). It conveniently contains salt and baking powder so a home baker could use it without adding additional salt or baking powder in a recipe. The thing is, some recipes also need baking soda which one would still have to add separately (in an acidic recipe, such as a cocoa based chocolate cake, figure on 1/2 teaspoon baking soda per cup of flour in the recipe). Self rising flour keeps a few months (and then the baking powder starts to lose its oomph).

Appetizer and dip variations.

Light, green and savory- a perfect spring side at Passover or any other time.

State fairs serve stuff like this and I knew I had to make a home version. Cheesy, creamy cheddar Mac is fried to a crisp fritter consistency. Serve with sea salt and hot sauce. It all starts with a great homemade Mac and cheese recipe.

This is compote for spreading on pound cake or when you want a few sweet spoonfuls of a sweet chaser to finish a meal. This is one of those recipes that should be a side dish but ends up being the legend that made the meal it was made for. It is deep wine red in color, courtesy of the cherries and Italian plums, sweet and tart and utterly sublime. Yes, of course it goes on ice-cream. Or anoint it with some crème anglaise. It calls for orange juice but if you had cherry brandy around that would do nicely too.

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