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A pastry bag does quick work of filling casings. You can also make this into sausage patties, fry what you need and freeze the rest. Then prepare what you need for your own breakfast sandwiches at home (sans drive thru). Although this is primarily turkey meat, it uses some chicken and veal but all turkey is fine too.

This is slick and sumptuous. Five minutes of your time, no candy thermometer and just rave reviews. You can also stir in chunks of Oreo cookies, a jar of marshmallow cream, dried cherries. dollops or dulce de leche, or chunks of mint chocolate.


These are lickity split to make but wonderful, served with chilled salmon or turkey.

If measures and precision were not part of recipe writing or too-zealous bakers (who forget it's not about the measure, it's about the heart of the matter..), how would this baker write the perfect recipe for an Old-Fashioned Apple Pie? Easy as write from the heart and true spirit of the baker. It's pie recipes as they really should be written.....for the recipe that goes with this tribute, visit Old Fashioned Apple Pie.

This dreamy, ambrosial apple sauce wil never make it from the pot to the dessert dish. Forget about leftovers! It is outstanding on its own, or atop chesecake, yogurt and granola, or with vanilla ice-cream. The combination of apples, vanilla and a few other goodies makes this a new classic.

This is rich, smooth and sumptuous. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah or break-the-fast Yom Kippur or a Sunday brunch dish.

This uses tofu ‘ground meat’ which you can get in mainstream grocery stores as well as health food stores of course. It looks like browned hamburger. I pop it in vegetarian chili for a protein-packed, meatless main dish. This is beautifully colourful with cubes of squash, sweet potatoes and black beans and an unbeatable spice combination. Here’s a link to meatless ground beef,


This tastes remarkably like the real thing. It is inspired from the kosher kitchen but it is an appetizer (or sandwich filling) that suits vegetarians too (or kosher vegetarians or those wanted a pareve appetizer)

What’s more inviting that spice and warmth in a cup? This is a seasonal perk that will make your espresso pot beam. If you have a steamer for the milk, that’s super. If not, simmer the milk and half and half to simmering, so that is shivers with foam. The pumpkin puree is canned. Best to use most of it in pie, muffins or pumpkin bread and ‘borrow’ ½ cup or so that you can keep refrigerated or in half ice-cubes (frozen) and use it as you need for this marvelous potion. For a less rich drink, use all milk.

This is for everyone - vegetarian or not. It is terrific food - a filling for a sandwich or stuffed into pita breads with tomatoes and other good things, or scooped onto a big garden salad. It is a hearty and zesty and easy! An amazing recipe I learned when I used to be the head baker in a Californian sandwich/salad place in Montreal called Bio Train. It calls for nutritional yeast - not to be confused with baker's yeast - and nutritional yeast which looks like a golden, bran just adds more flavor and nutrients BUT IF YOU CANNOT FIND IT -leave it out!! This is still fabulous!

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