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Cue the hammock; find a perfect China teacup and a copy of Walden Pond or Frost. This is soothing, mellow stuff.

A smoked ham hock makes it delicious
You may use this seasoning mix for Southern style chicken, regular chicken, turkey or veal schnitzel, or fish.
You can also add a touch of cinnamon, a tad of vanilla, or orange slices or toss in a cinnamon stick in a single serving. Choose a good strong tea, such as English Breakfast or hearty Assam to make this. Tea leave brewed tea would be would be best but bags are convenient.

This will take the chill out of the air. A wonderful hostess potable to serve throughout the fall into winter – but perfect for Thanksgiving. You could also add a touch of vanilla extract to this, or even a few bags of green tea or chamomile. There is also Lynch's Cranberry Apple Tea which makes a great base. I serve this in glass mugs with slices of Red Delicious apple on top or even a slice of clementine.

Think all hot sauce is the same? Think again.

So many people enjoy this simple salad. It is easy, keeps well and is refreshing in summer, at a bbq supper, or as a side with a meal. It doubles and triples well for a crowd.

My famous summer BBQ sauce - smoky and quick and laced with Atlanta's pride and joy: Coca Cola. It's the real thing.

Sausages and Peppers is a rustic Italian dish you can find in Italy and in the American north east, wherever there is an Italian community. Most times, it is onions, peppers and sausages sautéed together and served on pizzas or atop crusty rolls. In this case, the dish ends up in the oven with some pasta and parmesan cheese thrown in. It is so, so good and so simple. You can use turkey sausage if you like but it’s best with a mix of hot and sweet Italian sausages. You can omit the pasta and serve it on top of a pasta of your choice. Sue uses Pecorino Romano cheese; I use both pecorino and parmesan for smoothness with a bit of bite and she uses spaghetti in her dish whereas I prefer a more robust pasta such as rotini (most sausage and pepper recipes do not use the pasta)

I made this up a few years ago based on all the things I like in a traditional turkey stuffing. It is designed to be old-fashioned, flavorful, and easy and stop you from every buying stuffing that comes in a box. This is beyond pretty darn good. I am not above using a convenience product but when tasty, natural and quick and easy all converge, what's the point? Holidays should be about the real stuff - especially the stuffing.

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