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Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

Baked in muffin cups, this creamy, irresistibly cheesy Mac and Cheese bakes up into a perfect snack food, that is great for kids or dining for one. I make about a dozen Mac and Cheese muffins with this recipe and put the rest in a small casserole (that serves 1-2 people) Mac and Cheese which I freeze and heat up another time. Swop panko crumbs instead of soda cracker crumbs – either way, you’ll have a crisp, buttery top.

Nippy, sweet, hot, tart ….this is oh-so-wicked good.
Serve with biscuits, chicken dishes, and naan and tandoori and curry specialties or spread on croissants. You can use semi-drained canned mango.

Heard of One-Minute Manicure on Oprah? Well, this is a similar concept you can cook up at home. Use other fragrant oils (any toiletry and oils place online as them – Sweet Cakes, Nature Valley, Bramble Berry, From Nature With Love, and Lebermuth Company are some of our favorites), some sea salt and you have an instant spa treatment. Rub some on your hands to soften baker’s hard working hands or gently, on your face to rejuvenate your natural glow. This is a citrus, almond and vanilla approach. You can also alter the scents: use lavender and mint, or lily of the valley fragrance or essential oils – whatever you like.

A kugel is a pudding of sorts and a staple for Passover. Use a glass bundt pan or any similar ring mold that is oven proof. Reheats well.

This classic and always popular tea was named for Charles Grey, the second earl in his line, who was also prime minister to King William IV in the early 19th century. Usually a mix of Indian and Sri Lankan tea, the charactistic Earl Grey, regardless of which company blends it, owes its unique flavor to oil of bergamot. The Earl is said to have been given the recipe by a Chinese official with whom he was acquainted. There are many types of Earl Grey – Twinnings of course is one such, but Serentipitea, Harneys, Bigelow and especially Middle Easter Markets have other incredible Earl Grey blends. If you like Earl Grey, try different ones – I do and I like them all. They all feature the bergamot but the tea leaf blending is different and the overall flavour quite different –each and every one. To crush the whole spices, just put them in a plastic bag and roll a rolling pin over them.

The trick with this classic dish is to use a bechamel sauce. Matzoh boards are the "pasta". Commercial marinara sauce is fine.

I use these to marinate chicken breasts, to stuff a chicken before baking, to mince and add to rice dishes, vinaigrettes and more. It is a very special Middle Eastern staple that you should always have on hand. There is no end to the ways you can use these lemons nor any cap on the satisfaction they offer in upping the taste of many dishes.

Perfect for a chilly night. Inspired by the movie "Chocolat". Use 2 percent milk with Extra Calcium to be really loving.
Who,s Mom? Anybody's Mom. There are many variations of this recipe, and few of them fail to hit the spot.

The very first scene in the movie Like Water for Chocolate showcases buckets of diced onions – as a symbol of tears and heartache. This salad makes short work of zesty onions and hot peppers and heartache, if any, is sheerly physical, not emotional! I use surgical gloves (my fruit and vegetable store stocks them). They make handling the hot peppers a piece of cake. This can be enjoyed on it its own but I prefer it on baguette sandwiches or atop a mixed green salad. The vinegar is optional - it does make things a bit more watery but gives it an acidic bite. The salt also makes things watery. You can leave that out too and add it as you dole out the salad. For more recipes from this film, check out the novel by the same name, which includes most of the recipes seen being prepared in the film.

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