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Way down yonder in New Orleans, they enjoy a stuffed sandwich that's big enough to serve a crowd. It's muffaletta which features a stuffed round bread sandwich of cold cuts, olive salad, all pressed into a sandwich extravaganza. This savory treat is just the thing to make ahead and tote to your next picnic.  Pick up a country bread at the bakery or make your own (of course!) with Family Picnic Bread. This is filled with quality cold cuts as well as roasted peppers, marinated artichokes, and pimento stuffed olives but feel free to vary the fixings.

What is this. Chopped liver? Yes.

This recipe has over 29,100 downloads and still goingf! From the new chapter in my cookbook, The 10th Anniversary Edition of A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, my world famous potato pancakes or latkes. Can you improve on tradition? Yes! So, how does a baker cook up the best latkes? You barely parboil the potatoes according to the special, precise method. Then grate them and fry up the lightest, crispiest and fastest potato pancakes you ever had. Once you make them this way, you will never go back to the classic, bubbie style which calls for raw potatoes.....unless you need a break from paradise. If you thought my world famous Matzoh Buttercrunch was good, you ain't tasted nuttin' yet. These fry up triple quick, they are crisp, lighter, (not heavy), far less work, the batter also lasts three days (without turning black and watery). Not one person who has made these has ever returned to the tried and true - even the households that threaten a latke strike if 'new' potato pancakes ever were tried. Don't forget to check out Getting Rid of Oil from Latke Fryingpotatoes.

When was the last time you made a great meat sauce? Some simple meals are the most memorable.  A while back, the test kitchen experienced a rigorous day. It fairly throbbed with the batches of cookies and squares that had passed through its portals since early morning. Coincidentally, two of my three boys had gone to bed very early, leaving the tired baker (me) and my (then 8 year old) middle son still up, and hungry, and in a quandry of what to fix quickly. Pasta again I guess….but how to make it special. We set water to the boil, dimmed all the lights, laid out our best China and wine glass, and tall, elegant candles, all on a Damask white table cloth. I took special pains with the meat sauce - usually we toss pasta with olive oil and garlic alone - and the result was spaghetti a la Bolognaise, classically made on a tabletop Martha Stewart would endorse. Or so I thought.  “Mom, said my guest diner, ‘this is just like the meal Lady and Tramp had in the movie!” Music cue: O Solo Mio, Disney credits and garlic bread. To this day, my middle son still recalls our impromtu romantic pasta meal. My other two sons are still smarting over being (two) odd men out.

These are good filled with cottage cheese and sour cream filling, rolled and fried in butter and then served with sour cream and fresh fruit or as the foundation for a Blintz Souffle. Make these 8 or 10 inches but make ‘em thin. A non-stick pan, crepe or cast iron pan is perfect.

These are the real deal - true Irish steel cut oats. Make a big batch once a week and store it in the fridge. This is also bolstered with some wheatgerm and ground flax but you can leave those out if you like and sprinkle them on top on each single hot cereal serving or as I do - sprinkle on some hemp hearts. Just scoop out as much oatmeal as you need, microwave for a minute and lace it with milk, Greek yogurt and maple syrup. The mellow taste of vanilla and maple extract only showcase the natural, buttery taste of the oats. Real oats lower your blood serum cholesterol and a small bowl anchors your appetite so that you don’t have cravings or snack your way to lunch. McCann’s Irish Oatmeal is the best for this; it still comes in a beautiful collector can/tin of white, gold and black. Visit

There are many versions of this standard pastry wrapped mashed potato entrée. This is pretty traditional and as good as any knishes off a New York street vendor. If your kids or anyone else doesn’t like onions or a pronounced onion taste, omit the sautéed onions and use the onion powder called for. This makes tons of little knishes or about 2 dozen hefty, grandma styled knishes. If you were really busy, you could even use boxed mashed potatoes for a shortcut and still have amazing knishes. You can also use storebought puff pastry or Sour Cream Mock Puff Pastry.

Warm, slightly spiced with cinnamon and oranges, this is a heart-warming brew after you rake the leaves. It features spice, apples and a few other goodies and is the most soothing exlixir you can imagine. Makes a wonderful Fall gift too.

These are great for Easter, Passover or a gourmet picnics. A Middle Eastern inspiration and a conversation piece just because they look so unique, these bold-flavored hard cooked eggs are simmered in onion skins, and tea leaves. The flavor is great but the beautiful mosaic of design that results on the egg white packaging is what sells this beauty. Serve with cheese and bread, or cold side salads. If you prefer a pinkish hued egg, check out my recipe for Pickled Eggs.

Gather some whole cloves and a firm, naval orange and go to.

This makes a beautiful, citrus pompadour you can hang anywhere.

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