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An easy Alfredo

This is what I use on my ‘house’ pizzas to sass things up. If you bought it, it would be $7-$20 depending on the brand. Homemade it’s custom tailored to your taste and a bargain gourmet item from your own pantry. You can make other flavors of this oil, using the method in the recipe (Asian ginger garlic, or Thai or Greek, etc.)

This recipe is relatively low in fat but incredibly wonderful. You can use pre-cooked lasagna noodles, or par-boil regular lasagna (or fresh pasta if it is available). It is the most flavorful, restaurant-style lasagna you will ever make.It reheats well (or freezes) and is just the thing for end of winter.

You can use pre-cooked lasagna or par boil regular lasagna. If you can find a more ambrosial tasting lasagna, please share it. It is lite, has an additive garlic bechamel going on, and makes use of surplus zucchini. This is sumptuous and despite the steps it takes: easy; despite the rich flavor – it is also somewhat lower fat. Using zucchini thus saves you from one more zucchini bread. Spinach can also be used in this recipe with the zucchini or instead of (steam, drain and chop it fine).  

Three dimensions of tomatoes tease your palate: fresh, plum tomatoes, ground up sun-dried tomatoes, and a cup of jarred spaghetti sauce.  Mamma mia !
Say bravo to the zestier, most full-bodied, lively sauce you ever had.

This batch is great for a nice supper, and then toss a bit, each day, with another type of cooked pasta or grill some fish or chicken with it on top. It only gets better as it ages.


If you make this once, you will never, ever by a mix (you know, those dry packets?) again. This makes a silky, lightly cheese sauce over tender noodles. I vote for De Cecco pasta unless I have fresh pasta on hand.  You can also use bowtie pasta, linguini, spaghettini, anything you like. Freshly grated parmesan is a must.

Sausages and Peppers is a rustic Italian dish you can find in Italy and in the American north east, wherever there is an Italian community. Most times, it is onions, peppers and sausages sautéed together and served on pizzas or atop crusty rolls. In this case, the dish ends up in the oven with some pasta and parmesan cheese thrown in. It is so, so good and so simple. You can use turkey sausage if you like but it’s best with a mix of hot and sweet Italian sausages. You can omit the pasta and serve it on top of a pasta of your choice. Sue uses Pecorino Romano cheese; I use both pecorino and parmesan for smoothness with a bit of bite and she uses spaghetti in her dish whereas I prefer a more robust pasta such as rotini (most sausage and pepper recipes do not use the pasta)

This is an emerald green wonder – gorgeous, fresh and nutritious, the perfect pasta toss.

This sunny and oh-so-gourmet treat is justifiably trendy and a perfect all-season pizza. With the added egg on top, it's totally trending. It calls for rustic pizza dough, some herbs, garlic, lots of fresh lemon juice and arugula. When I have the time, I make a Garlic Hollandaise sauce which is smeared on before the rest of the toppings. The deep yellow colour and tangy taste offers some extra sunshine on a pizza that is already a winner. Make your own pizza dough or find some frozen dough at an Italian store (but homemade is a breeze - the recipe is given  here)

A lovely way to enjoy sweet paprika. Works as a side or on its own.
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