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Poultry - Fish

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The Colonel would be proud…..and then perhaps….lawsuits?
Extra crispy chicken at home is possible especially if you have a deep fryer. Is this exactly KFC? It's pretty darned close. All it's missing is the red and white cardboard bucket and sides. Offer mashed potatoes, corn, coleslaw, biscuits and macaroni salad and you have a weekend supper that beats the band and winter doldrums. But this is best in a deep fryer. Deep fryers makes for incredibly crisp, crunchy, coated chicken that is perfectly browned – not burnt – due to the controlled heat. Do be careful with the lid and humidity. IF….you do not want to deep fry, use the alternate oven method (or use a Wok to deep fry)

Matzoh meal (or soda cracker crumbs) makes a terrific coating mix for anything you may be frying - turkey or chicken cutlets, schnitzel etc. Look for matzoh meal in the kosher section of larger supermarkets or use unsalted soda crackers. This is about THE BEST quick chicken dish you will ever make.Golden, crisp, light strips or nuggets are the result (and not greasy!)

No deep frying. 24 lead time.

This is a classic that should be at least weekly fare - it's a rib-sticking, chicken casserole that is draped in garlic, plum tomatoes and a shot of red wine. It's truly Italian soul food. Add a baguette and a pasta side dish and you have a feast for family and friends. It reheats like a dream. This recipe is also found in When Bakers Cook, my cookbook (print or ebook) on Amazon.

A nice citrus flavor makes chicken sing.

Broiled or grilled, this makes an outstanding fish entree. The lusciously pure Canadian maple syrup brings out the subtle salmon taste and helps it caramelize on the edges just so. Serve with asparagus and wild rice. Maple, soya and sesame collide in a West meets East in a Northern Exposure minute.

This is good enough to make at least twice a week.

(Part of a series on "commercial foods")
A nice chicken dish is a nice chicken dish.
Matzoh meal makes a terrific coating mix.

This is a kinder, gentler chilli, replete with all the fixins’ that makes this a staying meal but one that’s light on the heat. Sweet paprika goes a long way in the flavor department; the lean turkey, mix of fiber-rich beans and other goodies ensures this dish will become a dinner-time repertoire staple. You can opt for vegetarian with this recipe by swopping out the ground turkey for browned ‘hamburger’ tofu that is available in most health food stores.

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