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Poultry - Fish

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My friend Caryn can always inspire me to cook or bake something new. She makes this Mococcan Chicken her way and passed on her recipe. I added the garlic and paprika and if you have it, sumac. Nothing is faster or easier than this chicken or more zesty. Huge wedges of Yukon Gold potatoes soaked in garlic and olive oil (or couscous with spices) complete the feast.

This is chicken with a reputation. At least, it's made my reputation. The trick is to be generous with the spices and use the pickled lemons called for (but regular lemons are fine). The result is a spice crusted, lemon garlic chicken that is my go-to roast chicken for Friday nights, no matter what season. Saturating the skin with spices makes it crisp and reduces basting. Make sure you use coarse kosher salt - not regular salt.  Superb hot or cold, this recipe is so good that I usually bake three small chickens which fly the coop fast. It ensures there's plenty of flavorful, seasoned chicken for chicken sandwiches the next day, on a fresh slab of challah. left!

Be it ever so humble, so simple, so flavorful and so, so good!
Whole roasted garlic, slices of lemon, orange, fresh herbs and a bit of white wine all converge to make this the most exceptional turkey ever. A winning turkey whether you celebrate Thanksgiving in October or in November or, if you are luck, twice! I cannot recommend an All-Clad roasting pan heartily enough. It costs the earth – true, but nothing quite performs like this pan. It is a heirloom pan that ensures perfect roast turkey every time.

No time? Fear of frying? Ah ha - these wings will set you free on both counts. I love Buffalo Wings but hate the prep, flinch around hot oil, and hedge at the expense of deep fat frying (it goes through 4-6 cups of canola oil) and the fattiness factor. Here’s a solution that worked perfectly. It is also ideal if you are feeding a crowd. This is the most ridiculously easy recipe in the world. It gives you food court/sport bar wings with no effort at all.  Next? Teriyaki style wings in the same vein. Stay tuned. Serve Oven Buffalo Wings with celery and carrot sticks, and a herbed sour cream dipping sauce, and Ranch Style Potato Wedges.

Matzoh meal makes a terrific coating mix. If Colonel Sanders had known this trick, the history of KFC might have been even more interesting. This is a fantastic cutlet recipes and part of my tradition at Passover.

Like beef pastrami, but leaner and meaner, this is lighter tasting than store-bought smoked turkey. A sugar/salt brine tenderizes the turkey; and ‘steak spice’, a peppercorn, salt and spice blend from McCormick’s (their Grill Mates line, including Montreal Steak Spice which works perfectly for this recipe) or Penzeys mail order is key.
Easy and elegant. A favorite combination.
Fresh herbs, garlic and rock or coarse sea salt makes this cold chicken a Dean and Deluca style main dish.
This is an elegant dish. Perfect for brunches.

Roast this in a hot oven or grill it on the BBQ, you won’t find a finer bird. Portuguese snack bars in Montreal served this vinegar-infused chicken on every other street corner, on St. Laurent (aka St. Lawrence or the Main). An overnight marinade is best but even 8 hours ahead is fine. This makes an incredibly succulent chicken that is as good cold as it is fresh off the grill. Best to make at least two birds – one to eat immediately and one for great chicken sandwiches.To grill, split in half and barbecue over indirect cooking method. For oven roasting, just follow the directions in the recipe for a succulent chicken.Serve with olive oil and lemon roasted potatoes, tossed with fresh herbs, sea salt and pepper.

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