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Poultry - Fish

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A secret recipe from a Portuguese restaurateur. These are so easy and so addictive they might replace your usual batch of BBQ sauced drenched wings or Buffalo Wings. They are best on the grill but work in a 400 F oven too. They are good hot and great...cold! Perfect picnic food. Psst! Don't share this recipe. It took forever to get the low-down from the restaurant that finally divulged the secret ingredient (it's in your pantry and is the key thing to these amazing wings) and the method.

This is too special to wait for Thanksgiving or fall –make this anytime of year when you want a smooth and spicy treat.

Tang up your chicken a tad with this sweet rendition of Duck a l"orange but made quick and easy and chicken-style for a family pleasing recipe. Wild rice makes this a show-stopper.

A quick and dirty classic - and another example of where a can of soup and some chicken can make a great dish.

This is one of the best salads I know, filled with good things and a vinaigrette that is ginger/garlic addictive. Make it with the chicken or swop in tofu and you have a protein topped vegetarian wonder. This dish lasts for a few days in the fridge. To serve just pop in some chopsticks and top with a fortune cookie!

One of my favorite meals – low fat, protein-rich turkey meatballs, spiced just so, served atop quinoa and arugula for a one-bowl meal that satisfies like no other. It’s one of my recent signature dishes. I use any sort of vinaigrette on this, most often Greek Restaurant Vinaigrette

This is great if you hate waiting, carving, fighting over drumsticks.

I must have got this totally fabulous recipe more than a decade ago from the strangest source: Cosmopolitan Magazine. It is but four ingredients and makes the most amazing, crisp, flavorful chicken, good hot or cold you will ever taste.The coarse or rock salt, as well as the high oven temperature, crisps the chicken and seals in the flavor.  I serve this with wild rice.

I love this herb coating on fresh salmon steaks or filets. Make this in the oven or in papiotte, a parchment paper envelope to quickly cook this in the microwave. This is one of my favorite lunch choices. The marinade lasts for a week or so for using on tossed, boiled new potatoes or in vinaigrette or more fish fare. Serve this dish with wild rice or lemony couscous, a green salad or a Blue Cheese, Pear and Bibb Lettuce Salad with a walnut-based Dijon dressing and fresh French hard rolls.
Middle-Eastern marinated chicken.
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