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Poultry - Fish

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Everyone starts their culinary life with at least one signature dish. This is one of my early favorites. It was my "company" dish as a new bride.

Turkey is a nice change from roast chicken and beef brisket. A breast is usually sufficient (after all, you do not want more leftovers!).

Slow and easy.

Over 1500 downloads! Just in time for Super Bowl. You may already have a soya wing recipe but this one breaks the mold. These can be  marinated  several hours ahead but even if not, this recipes makes the best, deepest flavor Asian wings on the planet. Slow cooking is the trick (and all the spices)


 Serve these tender, zesty morsels with Arabica sauce, Alfredo, Marinara, or simply lemon juice, olive oil and a dusting of fresh curls of parmesan and fresh basil. Use wonton wrappers of very thin, fresh pasta. This is oh-so-Olive Garden but so easy. Freeze the uncooked tortellini or even cooked and then douse in simmering water and sauce up, as required

A great supper, special brunch, luncheon dish. Keeps well and is full of bite.

Be brave. You CAN make great, fresh, traditional gefilte fish. If all you know is hamburgers, that is all the skill you need. This recipe is sweeter than some, and in my opinion, more flavorful than most. Your fish monger will prepare the ground fish - then it is just season, form balls, simmer, chill and bask in the compliments. You may be the head honcho at IBM but making gefilte fish will earn you real respect. Put some cut up lemons in water to simmer to get rid of the fish odour in the house.

Heat this one up to your liking.

Thai cuisine is generally, even when not terrific, still a lovely meal to have out. The flavors of ginger, basil, kefir leaves, fish sauce, and coconut milk, found in so much of the cuisine, are both vibrant and delicate and fused together in a way only an ancient and masterful cuisine and culture could do. What I like about this especially is the discovery of the creaminess of coconut milk which is a wonderful non-dairy creamer, a boon if you are vegan or kosher.

The secret to great turkey starts here: soak your bird in a light brine the night before or at least a couple of hours ahead. This plumps it up and even rescues "utility" turkey. The lean white meat of the breast swells and the turkey slices up moist and well seasoned. Try it and you'll never look back. I also cannot emphasize enough how a great turkey roasting pan is an investment worth every penny. All Clad makes a super one (the handles alone make it a perfect pan) but anything heavy-duty, and cladded is a good bet.

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