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Montreal once had a well-loved restaurant on Mountain Street, called The Continental. I don’t remember much about it other than their famed ‘layered’ salad (back in the day when salads were presentation pieces) with its specialty vegetable vinaigrette. The Montreal Gazette sent to interview the manager, who shared the recipe (actually she made me eat it, while she gazed on, always a comfortable experience. Then she made me guess the proportions which she said were top secret....not anymore!). It was called Salade Georges, I think, in honour of her then, little son. This is a unique and tantalizing, savory affair that still works.

A nice variation on slaw
Get the mayonnaise Louis
A salad to please everyone

There are a zillion mashed eggplant dishes. This one, is slices, marinated in a tangy lemon garlic vinaigrette. It would be at home on a summer table, a picnic, or with grilled, cold chicken. Have this once, and it will be a staple in your eggplant repetoire. It is also easier than the usual eggplant recipes.

You can also leave out the egg and flour dip, and just fry the eggplant slices in oil – minus their coating. Either way, is good.


A wonderfully balanced vinaigrette that has that sweet and tangy thing going on, making it suitable for all sorts of salads. Greek honey has tons of extra flavor so it’s worth swapping out your usual honey for this imported ingredient.

Lovely fare for summer, or any time

So many people enjoy this simple salad. It is easy, keeps well and is refreshing in summer, at a bbq supper, or as a side with a meal. It doubles and triples well for a crowd.

This is an emerald green wonder – gorgeous, fresh and nutritious, the perfect pasta toss.

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