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A great vinaigrette should hold onto the beautifully spiralled salad-y stuff so that each bite of that garden delight is rife with flavor and leaves no puddles or oil at the bottom of the bowl. A touch of light mayonnaise and protein-packed Greek yogurt is the trick behind this savory dressing.
I recommend a Spiralizer made by

Not to vinegary nor too creamy but somewhere in-between. A perfect side of homestyle cole slaw. Serve with fried fish, biscuits or fried chicken or chicken and dumplings. I always make a big batch of this and pack it in a Mason jar.


Here in Montreal, Aux Vivres is a beloved vegetarian restaurant. They’re famous for their Dragon Bowl, which is bowl food at its best. I created my own special bowl food meal with my Mecca Bowl. It’s for vegetarians or anyone with good taste (you can and add either grilled chicken or grilled tofu as the protein component). The colourful arrange of healthy grains, stunning beets, carrots, atop baby greens and anointed with uniquely delectable ginger-garlic vinaigrette I invented makes this a riveting lunch classic in the restaurant chez food (i.e. your kitchen). The trick is to have things ready-to-go and then the assembly is 1,2,3 quick!

The very first scene in the movie Like Water for Chocolate showcases buckets of diced onions – as a symbol of tears and heartache. This salad makes short work of zesty onions and hot peppers and heartache, if any, is sheerly physical, not emotional! I use surgical gloves (my fruit and vegetable store stocks them). They make handling the hot peppers a piece of cake. This can be enjoyed on it its own but I prefer it on baguette sandwiches or atop a mixed green salad. The vinegar is optional - it does make things a bit more watery but gives it an acidic bite. The salt also makes things watery. You can leave that out too and add it as you dole out the salad. For more recipes from this film, check out the novel by the same name, which includes most of the recipes seen being prepared in the film.

To be served very cold.
The Big Apple knows spuds...
Roasted or lightly smoked chicken works best.
These are a must with Restaurant Style Caesar Salad.
Remember those wonderful bacon, mandarin orange and spinach salads of the late seventies? Redone here with smoky pancetta and a zestier vinaigrette.
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