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View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Salads
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A make ahead, refreshing and pretty to boot. Everything is chopped, layered and waits to be tossed. Serve this in a huge glass trifle dish for visual drama.

Refreshing layers of cucumbers, couscous and hummus, all bound with an exotic sumac-kissed vinaigrette, make this a fetching summer salad-in-a-jar.

I'll bet bread salads will replace the Caesar in the new millennium.
Fresh parmesan is a must. Double up chicken as per eaters!
A great way to dress up leftover poached salmon. The vinaigrette works with any green salad and for tossing warm, new, small potatoes.
I can't explain the Salvadoran connection, but it is hot. It makes you teary eyed, but happy.

What’s more sublime than chickpeas, blended with spice and sweet potatoes in a updated hummus?

This colorful salad is as sunny as the southwest and serves up grains and legumes in a delightful way.

This is brunch food, Saturday afternoon food, and Super Bowl football game watching food. If you-are-asked-to-bring something sort of stuff. Essentially, you are dumping a vegetable dip into a hollowed out rustic bread. The hollowed out bread bits are the ‘dippers’.Pretty as a picture and as quick as you please.

This is the dressing to go with falafel – the pita and chick pea snack food.

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