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Snack Foods

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There are countless versions of this wonderful soup. Good job it is so simple. This is totally amazing soup; one spoonful transports you to Anywhere, South of the Border.

This is the easy and classic recipe most families serve. They are great any time – not just for Chanukah. Mini ones are best.


These are lickity split to make but wonderful, served with chilled salmon or turkey.

This dreamy, ambrosial apple sauce wil never make it from the pot to the dessert dish. Forget about leftovers! It is outstanding on its own, or atop chesecake, yogurt and granola, or with vanilla ice-cream. The combination of apples, vanilla and a few other goodies makes this a new classic.

This is rich, smooth and sumptuous. Perfect for Rosh Hashanah or break-the-fast Yom Kippur or a Sunday brunch dish.

I fell in love with www.Terrachips over the holidays. These are fried, thin chips of sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, yaro and beets.  It’s easy to make your own at home but slow baked, not fried. Much less fat.Tossed with some sea salt and vegetable oil, they are addictive.

This uses tofu ‘ground meat’ which you can get in mainstream grocery stores as well as health food stores of course. It looks like browned hamburger. I pop it in vegetarian chili for a protein-packed, meatless main dish. This is beautifully colourful with cubes of squash, sweet potatoes and black beans and an unbeatable spice combination. Here’s a link to meatless ground beef,


This is a white chocolate bark-  delicious, quick and pretty as a picture, which makes it a perfect holiday gift. If you had dried strawberries, those would substitute nicely for the dried cranberries. You can also do this recipe with dark or milk chocolate. If your chocolate starts to discolor, (that is called bloom), dust the confection with cocoa.

There are Wonka Bars and there are Mars Bars and Twix Bars and now, there are Benka Bars. Named by my son Gideon, in salute to his brother Benjamin's newest culinary coup: a quick square that was inspired by the Wonka Bar from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which recently re-debuted. Wonka Bars feature a bit of graham chunks in a milk chocolate setting, Benka Bars take this neat concept up a notch. A big notch. A super recipe for the holidays for the kids to try but we warn you, adults will find these addictive. The Lindt chocolate is essential or you can use Callebut, Ghiradelli, or Vahlrona - you get the (quality) picture.

Forget bread crumbs; instead try a crispy, lightly crunchy corny chicken.
This is good hot or cold so save some leftovers for the summer picnic basket.

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