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Snack Foods

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These are superb on their own or perfect as the base for a breakfast sandwich biscuit. Top with a slice of turkey sausage and an egg omelette ‘round’ for a banquet or just add a thin slice of aged cheddar – you can’t go wrong.  Boyajian Fine Oils makes pure maple extract (but you can make these without the maple extract)

A touch of rosemary, sea salt, brown sugar and pure maple syrup makes these irresistible alongside any sort of wine or after a meal nibble. I tried to give this as a gift but ate them all on the way over to my friend's house. The few she had she referred to as 'crack'. They are that good.


Say goodbye to Auntie J. This gourmet mix you whip up at home is great for lazy weekends or as the quintessential holiday present. A jar of this and pure maple syrup in a basket is a sure pleaser. An essential ingredient of this all-natural, gift pancake mix is Saco Buttermilk Blend. This is what makes this mix gourmet and especially flavorful and results in wonderfully light and fluffy pancakes. Saco is available nationally in supermarkets (the baking aisle) or online via or look for buttermilk powder in health food stores or bulk food stores.

What is cuter than a wee baby apple pie? This charming little pie is sure to please any apple pie lover. Baby pies, aka hand-held pies, are pie’s answer to the cupcake trend. But like the cupcake trend, this one shows signs of staying a long, sweet time. Mini pie pans are to be found everywhere and you can also be creative (even a half moon pastry is a hand-held pie). These little pie pans are from, the makers of famed Fiestaware. They also go from freezer to oven so you can make a slew of pies ahead and have some rainy day treats.

Mock Mille-Feuilles? For years, people have been doing odd things with Ritz Crackers. Perhaps you've come across the famed Mock Apple Pie? Mille-feuilles, in French, means one thousand sheets, or layers. The steps required to make this luscious version of the classic pastry can be counted on one hand. 24 hours chill time is recommended. It will keep for three days - refrigerated.

The very first scene in the movie Like Water for Chocolate showcases buckets of diced onions – as a symbol of tears and heartache. This salad makes short work of zesty onions and hot peppers and heartache, if any, is sheerly physical, not emotional! I use surgical gloves (my fruit and vegetable store stocks them). They make handling the hot peppers a piece of cake. This can be enjoyed on it its own but I prefer it on baguette sandwiches or atop a mixed green salad. The vinegar is optional - it does make things a bit more watery but gives it an acidic bite. The salt also makes things watery. You can leave that out too and add it as you dole out the salad. For more recipes from this film, check out the novel by the same name, which includes most of the recipes seen being prepared in the film.

Way down yonder in New Orleans, they enjoy a stuffed sandwich that's big enough to serve a crowd. It's muffaletta which features a stuffed round bread sandwich of cold cuts, olive salad, all pressed into a sandwich extravaganza. This savory treat is just the thing to make ahead and tote to your next picnic.  Pick up a country bread at the bakery or make your own (of course!) with Family Picnic Bread. This is filled with quality cold cuts as well as roasted peppers, marinated artichokes, and pimento stuffed olives but feel free to vary the fixings.

This flavorful and nutritious bun is perfect with vegetarian or regular beef or turkey burgers. It showcases the burger but it’s no slouch itself. Far more than a ‘holder’ for other food, this bun can stand on its own.

You dump and layer ingredients. You scoop 'em. You eat 'em. What could be simpler or more manly? To make this girl food, or new age man food, opt for low-fat sour cream. This is a great appetizer or Saturday night video fare. One dip and you get a cornucopia of Tex Mex flavors.

Call this Act 2 of Cinnamon Toast Bread. The original Cinnamon Toast Bread has cinnamon IN the dough and called for a ton of toasted walnuts. We tested it a few ways and in the end, left out the walnuts. Our New Zealand tester, Leone Lamb, got a test version that called for NO cinnamon in the dough, toasted walnuts and the sugar/cinnamon topping. (Give Leone a bread to test and you hear from her but two hours later, singing bread kudos from 17 hours, and several time zones away). She raved. That was good news. So, we made it her way in our second test. Wow! Great bread again. This is not a variation; this is a new recipe. It has less yeast than some of my breads so be patient. It is a slower rise but the bread is very tender, and moist – light but not feathery – more delicate. We are sorry - this marvellous recipe is now in the new cookbook, upcoming in late 2006 or early 2007. Thank you for your understanding. We suggest Cinnamon Swirl Bread while you wait.

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