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In summer and early autumn, it's tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere.This is an exquisite soup, that should be glued to your tomato support sticks. It is like a bolt of sunshine on the palate, laced with garlic, wine and herbs. Add a quiche or an omelette or salad, bread, cheese and thou........If you visit a toney restaurant anywhere, I would expect to find a soup like this.

Here, in Montreal, Atwater Market is the place to score on bargain baskets of beautiful, ripe tomatoes. I had a picnic at the market a few years back with a friend. After our al fresco repast, I picked up a batch of wonderful plum tomatoes and created this special soup for him, to mark the rather special day.This recipe boosts roasted along with fresh garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes, and a touch of this. The result is a full-bodied, gorgeous cream soup with a multi dimensional taste. Serve with cheese and bread and your meal is ready. Many tomato soups are rustic; this one is rather refined, French restaurant fare.

One of my personal favorite soups from my cookbook, When Bakers Cook (Marcy Goldman, on Amazon and Kindle in print and ebook). Nothing is as satisfying as the simple flavors of garden fresh cauliflower, a hefty offering of sweet paprika and some protein-packed chick peas. The trick of semi-pureeing the soup results in a soup that is staying and hearty but not a homogeneous glop. Ancho spice is a sweet pepper – not as hot as chilli and somewhat smoky and sweet (it's optional but it's terrific. I purchase mine at

The classic deli soup and a proven cold remedy (matzoh ball recipe included). This is the definitive version - nothing beats this elixir. This is the soup cures all and soothes everything. Try to use kosher chicken and kosher salt (no iodine) for best results. Instead of matzoh balls, feel free to add noodles instead.

Keep that turkey makes a sumptuous, full-bodied, heartwarming soup that is so good, that next year, you will rush through the Thanksgiving dinner just so's you can make up a pot of this great, fully flavored, hearty soup. Honest - this will become the new main event.

Rustic and yet refined, this leek-laced cream soup has bistro food written all over it. A touch of white wine is all you need in spirits, but one of testers suggested cognac, sherry or dry Vermouth –also all good flavor notes. Nothing shreiks bistro quite like a bowl of this.
Serve up some pears and blue cheese and a crusty bread to make it complete.

The kale is just an extra touch (and you can also use spinach) on top of this sumptuous soup of carrots, cream of coconut milk and the sultry spices of cumin, coriander and more. It is exotic and comforting all at once.

A flavorful, refreshing and colorful soup to welcome spring. A palate pleaser, a waker-upper from the chef. Fresh ginger is best but jarred is fine. Fresh coriander? No susbstitutes please.

The real thing takes time, but it's worth it. It's the slow saute of the onions that requires the time but you can listen to satellite radio or read the lastest issue of UTNE while the onions slow cook. This is a meal in itself but sadly, this restaurant soup rarely lives up to what its originators intended: brazen with caramelized onions, real stock, and a crown of toasted sourdough bread with a trio of cheeses. If you have baby boomer parents, ask them where they hid the French onion soup bowls (beside the fondue pot probably). If you are a baby boomer, kick yourself for selling the onion soup bowls at the garage sale, and buy some more. Or, make this a communal affair. Serve the soup in an oven-proof casserole and ladle out servings at the table. Do use real stock, so easily available.

You may omit the lobster or substitute small grilled shrimp.

Over 1800 downloads! This soup, one of my many soup creations from When Bakers Cook ( available via Amazon) is a nice change from ham-based pea soups and also (therefore) suits vegetarians and everyone else.  It's better and outstanding and hands-off easy recipe. Serve with a fresh country bread. And if you prefer a smokey taste, (minus a ham bone), add a few drops of Wright's Liquid Smoke or a dusting of smoked paprika or chipolte powder. Lately, I make a bowl of multi-coloured, gluten-free couscous and spoon out some in the soup bowl before covering it with a few hot ladles of this marvellous pea soup.

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