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View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Vegetables
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

Mixed grains, pine nuts, and cranberries and that great feeling that comes with good food, well made, and enjoyed.

Packed with fiber, protein and flavour, this lentil soup is a curative for whatever ails you – plus it’s fast and easy yet results in a blue-ribbon winning soup.  Red lentils, golden dried peas, North African spices (including anti-inflammatory cumin) and quinoa among other good things makes a gourmet experience in every spoonful.

Ok – these are not too classic but are they good! This recipe combines the best of homemade latkes with a package of dry potato pancake mix for a double-potato flavor in an especially crisp little pancake. Serve with sour cream or applesauce. What’s nice about these is they don’t spatter when they hit the hot oil, they stay white (no turning dark black as raw potatoes alone do) they fry up faster, and a beautiful golden colour.


What could be easier than two ingredients for a side dish with major appeal?  Use large Idaho style potatoes for show-off wedges.

You can never have too many potato recipes. A great way to serve potatoes is like one more great little black dress. You just need to have it. Serve these potatoes with anything or serve them alone but they are great with any sort of roast chicken, even take-out chicken. Invest in a great potato peeler to make short work of peeling the spuds.

Silken, savoury, mellow with roasted garlic, no way to 'pass the potatoes' when they are this good!

For a smoky taste, grill over the BBQ. Peppers can also be roasted in a 450 F. oven. broiled or charred over a gas burner. If you don't have the patience to remove the skins, just flake off the charred parts. A plate of these and some sourdough bread is a touch of Tuscany sunshine. 

Light, green and savory- a perfect spring side at Passover or any other time.

Cucumber would also work here as would purple cabbage. Matched with  Greek Restaurant Vinaigrette and spring greens, this salad is as refreshing to as it is to look at. For lunches at the office, put the dressing at the bottom and pack with greens and the spiralled vegetables. Shake and toss before eating. The Starfrit Spiralizer can be found here,

State fairs serve stuff like this and I knew I had to make a home version. Cheesy, creamy cheddar Mac is fried to a crisp fritter consistency. Serve with sea salt and hot sauce. It all starts with a great homemade Mac and cheese recipe.

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