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4 Recipes make up one amazing collection of Thanksgiving tastes in one sweet quartet, including Prize Winning Pecan Crunch Pumpkin Pie, Thanksgiving Pumpkin Biscuit Pudding, Dulce de Leche Chocolate Pecan Pie and Sticky Toffee Harvest Bread Pudding Cake.  

Easy to make and delicious, little apple desserts in their own custard cups. A baker's trick here is to poach the apples a tiny bit (in a little water and sugar) just to soften them before using them in the recipe.

Fruitcake Notes  - Seasonal Notes from the Test Kitchen

Over 2000 downloads! These are naturally gluten free and naturally Passover perfect so enjoy – no matter what your incentive. These are chewy, crisp, dense and sweet almond horseshoes found in bakeries. They are wonderful to munch on or dip in wine or espresso and as fancy as they look, that are ridiculously easy to make.

Russell Crowe, Nathan Lane, KD Lang, and more folks...Who is the connective thread in all this? Me. Oh and don't forget to check out . It is the cake, inspired by Arcade Fire, the Indie band that is hotter than cake.


Every once in a while I create something that is a step beyond great baking; I think it’s art. This is one of those recipes. Tender hamantashen pastries are filled with a a special homemade apple jam and caramel for a taste sensation that is all the things we love (apples and caramel) in something else we love (hamantashen). Sublime. Use Dulce De Leche for the dulce de leche.(recipe is also below, in this recipe). If you omit the caramel element in these hamantashen, you would still have something extraordinary, especially if you adore anything made with apples.

This is a luscious and bright tasting sweet kugel. A great counterpoint to pickled brisket or with roast turkey. It is also great cold, with cream, as a sweet side dish during the week or for a vegetarian Seder. A variation of a great recipe attributed to the Margareten Family.

A lovely, updated, apple laden kugel that is perfect for Passover. It is a perfect, lightly sweet, side dish.

Serve warm with a maple-tinged caramel sauce. Big chunks of apple in a golden batter with a touch of spice. Great for breakfast, brunch or a summery, post BBQ dessert.

Apples in the orchard, apples in the pie, apples in the sourdough? But of course.
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