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Eat your rice pudding...and feel comfort in each spoonful. Vanilla updates this yesteryear sweet. This is simple and good - not too creamy but not dry  - just right.

Use both chocolate wafer cookies or Oreo-styled chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies. Both types together, along with some whipped cream, make for a decadent and quick cake.

If you can’t remember the last time you had this, it is time to make it again. Simple, nutritious, and gone in a flash. This is a nice, quick dessert and a perfect ending to a dinner of turkey chili and cornbread or a cheese omelet supper. Enjoy the mellow taste of apples, set in a caramelized foundation, and topped with a nutty, brown sugar and oatmeal crisp topping. This is also sublime with diced apricots or pears.

Garlic in the crust/dough pizza? Only a vampire would refuse this incredible savory garlic pizza that is thin, crisp and herb laced. You could also substitute the fresh garlic for a roasted garlic on top, slathering it over the cheese. This is so good you will eat the raw dough. But baked up - it is positively addictive. Serve as is or with an baby lettuces salad (with a light vinaigrette) on top.

You can buy it ready-made, but dulce de leche, a Latin version of pure caramel, is easy to make at home. All you need is a can or two of condensed milk. This makes a double batch but it seems to last refrigerated, for quite a while and is on hand for recipes or just warming, and drizzling over ice-cream.

A silky smooth, extra rich bread pudding, all dolled up with a dash of holiday bourbon and waves of decadent dulce de leche. Serve this cold or warm, on its own or a side sauce of crème anglaise. You can buy dulce de leche in Latin food markets or make your own with my recipe, found in the Complete Recipe Archives.

Sometimes, quick, dirty and decadent is what you need. Sandwich two tea biscuit (or thin store-bough shortbread or butter cookies) with store-bought (or homemade) dulce de leche. Dip in melted chocolate. Chill and wrap. These are simply beautiful and too easy to be that elegant but they are.  These would be nice with chocolate wafer cookies and also filled with jam or Nutella. If you are ambitious, drizzle on the initials of the person who is getting these as a gift. Before you offer these treats, powder your nose with flour and spritz some water on your brow - they look as though you toiled all day. No need to destroy the myth.

This features sumptuous, silky smooth homemade vanilla ice-cream with vanilla bean bits throughout and a swirl of homemade dulce de leche, miniature marshmallows and toasted pecans. Ok - you can just make the ice cream or stop at ice-cream with dulce. It's over the top luscious to begin with. I sometimes cheat with this recipe, purchasing ice-cream base (at local food service supply stores), and just dump in the vanilla ice-cream base into my Cuisinart ice-cream maker. You then drop dollops of  dulce de leche just as the ice-cream begins to set up. Freeze, and serve once the ice-cream is fully hardened. This is gorgeous, easy, and better than anything you can purchase. Save some extra dulce de leche, warmed up, to drizzle with toasted buttered pecans over the final offering. (Make the dulce a day ahead – it is just easier to have it ready). This is Haagen Daz/Ben and Jerry rich, ice-cream.

A little to the right, a little to the left and I think you got it – the baby elephant walk done a la Elephant Ear cookies. These whip up in seconds and make great coffee and tea ‘go-with’ cookies. Not sweet, not heavy, elegant and special. A little crisp puff of a cookie.

NOT AVAILABLE. This recipe is retired to A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House, 2007.

(Description: Similar to an Xmas Black Cake, this does not have to be aged if serving at a wedding but any aging is a help. Ice it with regular white frosting and freeze and then cover in rolled fondant. Decorate with tradional Royal Icing. This cake can be doubled to make as many layers as you need just remember to fill pans 2/3’s fill and bake cakes slowly, pressing lightly with fingertips for doneness.  Wedding decorations and specialty pans are widely available but Sweet Celebrations is one of the best online retailers.

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