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It's sweet, it goes crunch, it's nutty and buttery. Homemade gourmet treats! You can use peanuts or no nuts at all and create the same wonderful candy.

Little gifts of the harvest! Buttered filo houses a mound of sweet potatoes. It bakes up into a little package that is ready pretty darn quick or, if oven space is an issue, are easily reheated (they also freeze well).

Savory Jewish comfort food.A lot of effort went into testing this recipe. The traditional "stretch" or knish dough is one many bakeries, Jewish restaurants and homes use, but I found it a mite dry and crisp. Still other knish recipes and fanatics rely on commercial puff pastry. The texture is fine, but it lacks flavor. This "mock puff dough" for knishes is a little off the beaten path but it makes for outstanding knishes - light, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth morsels that are embarrassingly easy to make by the truckload. They freeze without problem in case unexpected company drops by.

The bakery near me has done it again. They recently served samples of delicious, sweet yeast buns – rather flat, half-moon things, filled with raspberries and sugar and nothing else. No gummy stuff, no cornstarch and no fillers. It was fabulous and so, I hope, are my own rendition.

Smooth, decadent, seductive and always impressive.

After eating one of these delectable blueberry filled pastries,  you’ll be like Queen Esther after her marriage to the king; how are we going to keep you on the farm? The sheer success of Blueberry Hamantashen will go to your head and you will become your own Purim legend.

Challah wasn’t always made with fresh or dry yeast. It started with a sourdough starter, like all great breads. This is pure manna, just as you expect challah to be. Add some honey and raisins and keep it in mind for your New Year’s Challah. This bread uses both a starter and yeast for its amazing, feathery texture. You can reduce the yeast, as you get more confident in its rise. But you do not want too long a rise, as this bread also contains fresh eggs. You can also do this bread on Thursday, refrigerate it and let it rise from noon until 3 pm and then bake it for Friday. Whenever you make it, this is just superlative challah.


Having refrigerated dough on hand makes these a cinch. Even store bought white dough is OK.
No trifle in flavor and enjoyment

Who would think that a couple of Oreo cookies, brownies, ice-cream and a few more goodies would add up to instant decadence? Keep this in the freezer and surprise everyone. It is cream-cheese and ice-cream, white chocolate and a halo of hot fudge sauce. A little goes a long way.

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