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Pastry shop eclair shells make for a quick dessert
A showstopper

Here are my best tips for getting rid of oily frying odours from potato pancakes at Hanukkah or any other time (and recipe)

How can something to instant and quick be so darned good? Easy, when you start with dulce de leche, Nutella, some graham crackers and inventiveness. Another decadent Baker in a Hurry treat. Gianduja is another term for chocolate-hazelnut heaven. Adding dulce or a caramel spin makes this dessert irresistible

One of my kids has a nut and peanut allergy so storebought granolas are not for him. This homemade gourmet granola recipe is perfect for your own ut allergy kin and friends. But of course,  if no one has a nut allergy, free free to add 1/2 cup each walnuts or peanuts, sunflower seeds, and slivered almonds if you like. This recipe just happens to be the most perfectly balanced granola of flavor, sweetness, crunch and slight chewiness. The butter extract I use comes from The maple syrup? Use the pure stuff!

My recipe for Bakery Style Hamantashen, adapted by Claire Berman of – a wonderful resource for gluten-free recipes anyone would love. Claire uses margarine in her version of my hamantashen. I prefer canola oil or unsalted butter (or a mixture of both). I guess you would say this is my recipe, adapted by Claire and re-adapted by me. Remember that although this is gluten-free, the flours used are not the most nutritious. For more on gluten-free baking, you can visit or where you will find both gluten free baked products or some more inspired gluten-free flour mixes.

Big, Fat, Crusty, Golden, Amazing – you want more incentive?
Talk to Tony Robbins. These are the best biscuits Bar None. If you make these bigger, they are a great biscuit to use in a McBiscuit kinda breakfast sandwich.

No grapes or nuts in this one -but it is a comfort dessert classic all the same. It uses the Post Grape Nuts cereal as the basis of a smooth, vanilla laced custard pudding. It is like flan collided with a bit of whole grains. The result is indescribable but oh-so-good and someone wholesome - at least I like to think so. It is pure diner fare.

This recipe from a friend who recommends baking and serving the bread the same day. Her tip for the dyed red eggs: after they are dyed deep red, polish them with a little olive oil to make them shine, before placing them in the unbaked bread loaf.

When is a Copenhagen not a Copenhagen? When it is called a Galaktoboureko. I can’t really figure out how this ambrosial combination of semolina or cornmeal enhanced pastry cream and filo and a touch of syrup came to be called Copenhagens in some circles (even in some Greek cookbooks!) but one precious bite of this pastry wonder and you will not care. This is the quintessential, perfect pastry: buttery but not too much, sweet but not cloying, unique, easy and frankly –I am surprised I am sharing this recipe. You can make these large or small. Larger ones are easier and have the Greek bakery oomph (and you can cut them to make smaller pastries). No matter how you roll these up, they work out. You can even coil them in ropes and coil the ropes around themselves to make a round pastry. These are eggy and golden and sweet - perfect for Easter.

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