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This is Irish magic in a tea blend. It is loose tea, with some amazing touches that turn this into a beautiful gift or hostess tea (especially if you pack it with a soda bread). It starts with strong, pure Assam tea leaves and then…..The rest is a secret. If you can find longer or full leaf Assam (as opposed to the finer tea leaves), that is better.

Rice pudding may be comfort food, creme bruleee is solace for the sensualist. Very trendy these days and easy to make. Not to be confused with creme caramel (where the crackling sugar is on the bottom) creme brulee can be made ahead. There are many recipes for this dish. This is my "latest" version. No blow torch required.

Simple crepes, with a filling of sweetened cream cheese and fresh berries. Positively bridal.
A spectacular dessert - 1 or 2 days ahead
Isn’t being single in 2007 difficult enough? Your ups, your downs, all posted on You Tube (if caught by cell phone video) or and text messaging ‘help’ on bad blind dates. But there is another fly in the ointment of millennium romance. It is ….my battle with my (non-soul) sisters – the Crazy Girls. They are ruining my chances at happiness. Read on.

Latin sweet with a maple beat. This is ‘bless me/hate me’ recipe for it is the most unctuous, smooth, heavenly concoction you will ever have. Curses, it’s also easy so you are warned – decadence without sweat.  Instead of caramelized sugar, boiled maple syrup makes the bottom layer.  This makes one large flan or 8-10 ramekins or individual ones. What I liked about this recipe is that it takes the guess work out of caramelizing sugar. However, if you want to go that route, slow cook 1 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon water over the lowest possible heat until it caramelizes and then pour that into the prepared mold. This recipe also is the most definitive, using condensed milk, real milk, and cream in a triumpherate of custardly smoothness. Serve chilled with fresh raspberries and homemade, small shortbread cookies.

Wouldn’t this make a great centerpiece? It takes a low-yeast white dough (aka as ‘dead dough’) an easy assembly, and a truck load of egg yolky, egg wash. Makes two smaller ones or one larger one.

This is a must for anyone's company brunch repetoire. Heft wedges of caramelized apples sit in an eggy batter that puffs up into a sweet souffle. Got the digital camera? Time to take a picture; then dig in. McIntosh, Cortland or Yellow Delicious are recommended. Everyone needs a show stopper brunch dish that feeds a crowd and leaves you time to enjoy it with your guests.

This low-slung apple cake is tasty, moist and tinged with a bit of cinnamon. Great with only apples or throw in some cranberries or sour cherries. A cinch to make. 

Dip an Oreo in this special batter, fry and you have a totally different cookie. The Oreos soften a bit inside and it’s almost like a chocolate layer cake inside a dessert fritter.


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