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Biscuits - Doughnuts

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These have yeast but no kneading. These are more of a pastry version of the Easter classic but a totally delightful treat -a delicate, spiced scone with a slick of fondant on the top.

Whoa Nelly and Heavens to Betsy -  leftover biscuits get gussied up in a city slicker dessert. Great for a BBQ supper or a brunch. This features golden bits of biscuits, set in a custardy bath, all baked into golden perfection and topped with a smooth as silk Southern Comfort crème anglaise.

These are superb on their own or perfect as the base for a breakfast sandwich biscuit. Top with a slice of turkey sausage and an egg omelette ‘round’ for a banquet or just add a thin slice of aged cheddar – you can’t go wrong.  Boyajian Fine Oils makes pure maple extract (but you can make these without the maple extract)

These big puffy, lightly sweet treats have a New Orleans spin. They are oh-so-good warm doughnut squares, topped with a thick and luscious maple glaze are irresistible. They are perfect Shrove Tuesday doughnuts or serve them for Mardi Gras festivities. These are great also simply dusted with confectioners' sugar and better yet, served with coffee from our friends at Phil and Sebastian.

Doughnuts -Louisiana style.  The "beignet" is French for "small doughnut" and easily upstages a Krispie Kreme for its extreme homestyle, real taste. Not too sweet, not too rich, this is a doughnut with a pastry feel. You may use a deep fryer or a wok and tongs. A bread machine does a great job with the dough.
In the BB Test Kitchen, we blend some pure vanilla powder with the confectioners' sugar before dusting. Serve with espresso or Cafe Brule -New Orleans coffee and chicory. You can also leave out the yeast and double the baking powder for a different sort of texture -equally good. In that case, knead half as long.

Any flour would do but Southern White Lily makes this the most tender cobbler imaginable. Whatever flour you use, just use a gentle touch. You can roll out the cobbler top or make the topping soft and drop in dollops on the most sumptuous filling ever.

A nice variation on traditional doughnuts.

A rich cake doughnut fragrant with orange zest and dusted with icing sugar or dipped in orange glaze.

Necessity (and hungry teenagers) is the mother of invention. In this case, I made challah dough and promptly forgot about it. Suddenly, I had a baseball team to feed, and I created an oven-fried cinnamon sugar bread that brought raves. If you like doughnuts, you'll like this.

These are big  Detroit around this time of year, but anyone who experiences a fresh and warm Paczki would adopt them. These are part of the Lent tradition but you can also fete Mardi Gras with paczki if you are willing to let them sub for another treat, New Orleans Beignets. Choices, choices!


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