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Marcy Goldman Presents:
Scent of a Baker Fall Issue November 2006

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,  What’s the Fairest Products of Them All?  Making Sense of The Skin Care Choices **** Plus Great Scents of Holiday Season 2006...and the best hand cream ever...

This is Irish magic in a tea blend. It is loose tea, with some amazing touches that turn this into a beautiful gift or hostess tea (especially if you pack it with a soda bread). It starts with strong, pure Assam tea leaves and then…..The rest is a secret. If you can find longer or full leaf Assam (as opposed to the finer tea leaves), that is better.

Wouldn’t this make a great centerpiece? It takes a low-yeast white dough (aka as ‘dead dough’) an easy assembly, and a truck load of egg yolky, egg wash. Makes two smaller ones or one larger one.

This will take the chill out of the air. A wonderful hostess potable to serve throughout the fall into winter – but perfect for Thanksgiving. You could also add a touch of vanilla extract to this, or even a few bags of green tea or chamomile. There is also Lynch's Cranberry Apple Tea which makes a great base. I serve this in glass mugs with slices of Red Delicious apple on top or even a slice of clementine.

This is my own recipe for a non-chemical cleaner. I use it on floor and counters. It’s a light scent and a natural cleaner you can feel good about.

All the ingredients for this are available from aromatherapy as well as soap suppliers (check Scent of a Baker for some great sources). This recipe uses both essential oils as well as fragrance oils. A heady bouquet of talc that is lightly lavender, with hints of other special scents.

These are deep, dark, moist, delicious brownies, enlivened with the gorgeous fragrance of pure coffee ‘absolute’ an intense, pure coffee extra my friend Anya McCoy of Anya’s Garden Perfumes sent me. It results in brownies that waft an incredible perfume, born of the flavor and fragrance fusion of the coffee extrsact, with the vanilla and chocolate notes. Anya McCoy
The best of 2007......Full Spectrum Light, and Philips Portable DVD
Gifts of the Year

Gather some whole cloves and a firm, naval orange and go to.

This makes a beautiful, citrus pompadour you can hang anywhere.

These are one of my own go-to favourite recipes. They are crisp and spicy and festive - a wonderful coffee klatch biscotti or gift of baking. I almost always coat one side of these with melted white chocolate. It is one of my trademark biscotti and in my upcoming cookbook, The Baker's Four Seasons. This recipe doubles well and I would recommend you do!

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