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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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Fresh yeast is available at bagel bakeries or any bakery  - just ask for a block. Instant dry yeast is also perfectly fine for this feathery, moist and lightly sweet holiday challah but nothing beats the imcomparable taste and texture of a challah made with fresh yeast, let alone, the fragrance! If you never experienced the slightly different (and more subtle) scent of fresh yeast in home bread baking, make this new year the time to start. Be brave. Be bold. Start the new year on a high note. 

This is lofty, airy, moist, golden and as good toasted as it is fresh. I make this bread every other day as it does double duty as breakfast toasting bread or for sandwiches at lunch.

Lightly sweet with golden honey, this is a perfect, golden, Sabbath egg bread.

Challah wasn’t always made with fresh or dry yeast. It started with a sourdough starter, like all great breads. This is pure manna, just as you expect challah to be. Add some honey and raisins and keep it in mind for your New Year’s Challah. This bread uses both a starter and yeast for its amazing, feathery texture. You can reduce the yeast, as you get more confident in its rise. But you do not want too long a rise, as this bread also contains fresh eggs. You can also do this bread on Thursday, refrigerate it and let it rise from noon until 3 pm and then bake it for Friday. Whenever you make it, this is just superlative challah.


Move over doughboy! Dough girls unite! Make a batch of these stupendous, garlic-butter oozing soft crescent rolls before and after Thanksgiving. Everyone will bless the baker.

This recipe makes 3-4 rounds of crisp pizza-like flatbread. You can freeze them, or split them for bistro style panini sandwiches or serve them with cheese and hot marinara sauce. If you have a larger pizza stone, start this recipe on parchment paper and then mid-way through baking, shuffle off the parchment paper, allowing the flatbread to finish baking directly on the stone. For best results, keep the dough soft and slack. It might be harder to handle but it makes a better bread. I often make this without the tomatoes and/or use black olives.

Big, Fat, Crusty, Golden, Amazing – you want more incentive?
Talk to Tony Robbins. These are the best biscuits Bar None. If you make these bigger, they are a great biscuit to use in a McBiscuit kinda breakfast sandwich.

Delicious European holiday sweet bread.For a softer crust, you can paint your stollen with melted butter as it comes out of the oven or a special wash of sugar syrup included in this recipe.  This is a rich, tender bread filled with candied fruits and a core of sweet almond paste. As good fresh as it is a few days later, plain or toasted. If you are not partial to candied fruit use dried sour cherries, cranberries or minced California apricots to replace the candied fruit. This fiddles with tradition but if we don't update some recipes, the traditions will...ummm, expire.

Johnny-come-lately and you'll miss this great corn roll. It`s a golden gorgeous cross between a rich white bread and golden yellow corn bread - sort of like if a brioche married a corn bread.  These are tender, golden, slightly sweet - and perfect to sop up gravy or as the foundation of a Cranberry Turkey Club sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. Make some little ones for the bread basket and some larger ones as sandwich rolls. If you want a traditional cornbread, there are a few in the Complete Recipe Archives. Just remember that stone-ground cornmeal is best. 

I should have made this years ago. It is so good! Cracked wheat (also known as kasha or bulgur wheat) gets thrown in a moist whole-wheat bread for the most fragrant, lofty, rustic bread ever. As always, make the dough in the bread machine but bake in the regular oven. Or use traditional dough making methods. This bread makes your kitchen smell like a professional bakery. The outside of the bread is grainy and crunchy;inside is whole-wheat clouds......

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