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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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These bagels are enriched with eggs and oil and are somewhat sweet - somewhat like challah but also very bagel-ish. A great hybrid!

Rolled in a bit of flat oatmeal, this bread looks lunch-box jaunty. It is fragrant, moist, and pretty as a picture.Bake this in two loaf pans for slicing breads or one large round pan for a rustic, country picnic styled loaf that is great with sharp Irish cheddar or imported Irish sweet butter.

A brioche, rich bread, studded with fruit, nuts and chocolate. An Italian tradition, feel free to leave out nuts or fruits or just add those that appeal. The main thing it to produce a golden, sweet, eggy bread to break off in hunks with espresso, during many wonderful holiday mornings.Large commercial food service cans, or coffee tins make ideal baking containers. This recipe makes a few small panetonnes or 2-3 larger ones.  

Makes wonderful toast and is delicious with cream cheese

Use the best granola or mueslix cereal you can find or make yourself. The one used in this recipe is from England and it is chock full of good things.

This recipe from a friend who recommends baking and serving the bread the same day. Her tip for the dyed red eggs: after they are dyed deep red, polish them with a little olive oil to make them shine, before placing them in the unbaked bread loaf.

A touch of white flour, mostly whole wheat, judicious use of olive oil, some honey and what have you? A heavenly, moist, rustic whole wheat bread.  Greek restaurants I know always serve basket after basket of this bread. It is good out; it is superlative made at home. Mop up your Greek Salad with it or make a Greek inspired sandwich: smear garlic cloves on two slices of the bread, drizzle on olive oil and lightly grill. Then, add on some feta slabs and partially melt. Top with sliced tomatoes, minced black kalamata olives, salt and pepper and a dusting of oregano. A Greek melt?  In your dreams – but so, so good. Use organic whole wheat for this baby.

Rustic, chewy, puffy but dense - it's all here and as authentic a bagel as you can find outside H&H Bagels in New York City - minus the cab or plane fare. Just cue cream cheese and pour the coffee. Pure heaven. You will be amazed at what real bagels your home oven (and this recipe) can produce. H&H Bagels are also called water bagels - they are big, bulbous, and satisfying. There are also Montreal Bagels and frankly? I like them both. Bread machines are terrific for making slick, tight, bagel dough. Handle one batch of bagels (forming, boiling, baking) while you have the bread machine whipping up another batch of dough. They also freeze really well. Malt syrup or powder is optional and available at health food stores (or check out our Ingredients Section of product reviews; we have a malt company you can order from, or King Arthur's Baker's Catalogue). Try these plain or seeded or any of the topping suggestions in the recipe itself.

Essentially, this is an enriched white bread dough but small additions make the rolls resemble commercial varieties (with more flavor). Use a dough hook or your bread machine on Dough cycle to make this easy dough (but shape the buns by hand and bake in your regular oven)

I used to make this wonderful bread often. It is coarse crumbed and moist, with huge holes and a certain rough but riveting texture. It is as good fresh as it is toasted. It is bread and butter or sandwich bread or whatever you like. It uses raw shredded potatoes and tons of cheddar and stone-ground mustard. Line it up with Havarti cheese or Swiss and Bibb lettuce. Bake it in a loaf or a 10-inch springform (you get two breads which freeze well) or a 5-quart souffle dish.If you had a bakery, this would become one of those signature breads that someone would write in to Gourmet Magazine about and urge the editors to get the recipe for the Sugar and Spice column.  This recipe is now in the my cookbook,  A Passion for Baking, Oxmoor Books.

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