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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

Pineapple, a touch of rum and macadamia nuts upgrade this classic. An exceptionally moist and flavor packed banana bread with an added sumptuous glaze.

Great toasted or slathered with marmalade. A unique, bursting-with-flavor pineapple studded yeast bread with an addicitive brown sugar topping.

I love this tall, moist, nutrient-packed black bread. Baker's caramel (gravy browning such as Kitchen Bouquet) give its noble, dark hue but the beautiful onslaught of grains: sprouted wheat flour whole-wheat flour and some goodies like flax seed make this irresistible. Shown here with toasted quinoa on top, I more often top it with pumpkin and sesame seeds. This slices like a dream and freezes well too.

A pure and simple bread that is a little like supermarket frozen bread (dough) that you heat and serve. When you want something more wholesome, homemade but no extra sourdoughs or starters – just a plain old bread –this is the one.

Whole wheat goodness - just the thing in a big, flavorful country bread. This is a great slicing and toast bread and as good on day three as it is just out of the oven. I use both organic whole wheat and regular super market whole wheat in this bread for the texture I prefer. You can use all supermarket whole wheat if you like. (All organic is good but makes a heavier bread that has less chew)

This quick, savory’n sweet bread marries tangy chunks of nippy orange cheddar with sweet chunks of fresh fall apples. It’s not too sweet nor is it a savory loaf; it is somewhere in-between and unexpectedly delicious. I am partial to Wisconsin, Vermont or Ontario cheddars for this recipe. Wonderful alone or with a cup of coffee or a glass or red wine and some memories of seasons past.


In my Test Kitchen, I make the sticky buns are extra rich and moist but still feathery. Just make sure you use fresh, fragrant cinnamon. I tested these with both (all) all-purpose flour or half all-purpose and half bread flour. The 100% all-purpose batch were by far, the most tender and feathery.

Pillsbury Dough Boy move over for real, home-made, old-fashioned but easy, golden and buttery crescent rolls.

I really am partial to the rustic taste of oatmeal in a bread, with but a wee touch of honey for sweetness and just that wholesome appeal of honey and oats together. This is dynamite toasting bread but great for sandwiches, as soon as you let it cool, and if you can wait for it to cool! (As one of my testers said, 'this if you can wait instruction is the only bad part of this recipe'). Use rolled oats aka old-fashioned oatmeal but if you cannot find them, quick cooking (the Quaker sort) oatmeal. The sunflower seeds coat this bread but you can also add a handful to the dough itself.


Golden, oatey and citrusy - a heavenly morning loaf of toasting loaf.
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