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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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A freshly cut wedge of this special, round challah, liberally dipped in honey, is  heavenly and a wonderful way to start the new year. It is also the easiest, best sweet challah I know. 

These are known in some parts as "water bagels".

Bialys are the bagel's first cousin.Where I grew up, a flat, crisp, onion-topped roll was called an "onion pletzel". In New York, it's called a bialy (or bialie). It's a disk of bagel dough with a slight depression in its center, topped with diced onions and poppy seeds. I also add coarse sea salt and sometimes a hint of fresh rosemary. Bialys are amazingly rustic, chewy and absolutely, as good, if not better, made at home than any bakery you can find. If you like bagels, you will adore bialys.Stock up on cream cheese now!

This corn bread is hardly corny at all although it's sprinkled with cornmeal as per bakery-style. This is the quintessential New York sour dough rye: a light, but deeply flavored round rye loaf that is slightly sour with a sourdough base. It is fabulous, easy, authentic, robust and rustic. Everything bread should be -and that's saying alot. This is great fresh or toasted and is a good keeper. Dark rye flour is also called pumpernickel flour - it is the most flavorful of rye flours (vs. light rye). Healthfood stores or suppliers like King Arthur Flour are your best bet.


What a great bread! It slices warm and wonderful or toasts  beautifully. It's simply and not ooey gooey but sedate with cinnamon and some simple ingredients. This is a breakfast or tea-time bread and might as well make two and tote one to a friend.

The old standard beer bread you may have tried was never my idea of a great bread (2 cups flour, 1 bottle beer, salt) was never my idea of a good loaf. Try this one instead. It is still easy, nicely malty, and paired up with some Stilton, or a home-grown sharp cheddar cheese, and a bowl of chili, it is the quintessential fall light lunch.  A very amenable loaf.

White bread means boring bread right? No. Add a touch of malt syrup or a smidgen of oil and it becomes great bread. This is a "dough cycle" bread machine recipe (1 1 1/2 lbs. capacity) designed for baking in a conventional oven.

When you think of it, sliced banana and Nutella sandwiches make perfect sense which means this gorgeous banana bread makes even more sense. This is inordinately sublime, featuring the warm, mellow taste of banana with hazelnut chocolate swirls throughout. I use either buttermilk or Kefir in this recipes for a perfect crumb and taste.

I never met anything made with Nutella that I didn’t like nor a cinnamon bun I could refuse. Combining both favorite things in one recipe and adding a crumb topping makes this the de ultras recipe of all time. Total crowd pleaser!

This recipe makes for impressive, crusty, cornmeal-coated English muffins that uses a 4-hour starter (or overnight). Don't overlook these just because they use a starter. It's child's play and this recipe makes grainy, rustic, amazing English Muffins (versus the commercial ones at the drive-thru). All you need is a nice, large cast iron pan to bake them on. They freeze beautifully.

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