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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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This is a quick version of the classic, sweet and buttery, French chocolate yeast bun.

There are many folds or strata in this unique and rustic pizza bread. My Italian neighbor calls this recipe Centi Pelli or 'one thousand skins' pizza, because of the many folds or layers of rustic pizza dough that bakes up into a rustic pizza bread. This is great cut in hunks, warm or cold, served with sangria or Lemon Pelligrino.

This recipe is inspired by a superb recipe for Rosemary Focaccia Sheet in Rose Levy Bernanbaums The Bread Bible (Scriber 2003) and is her wonderful adaptation of her neighbourhood Sullivan Bakery's Bread. My baking sister Rose can generate more enthusiasm for a recipe than anyone I know, so I had to try this one (well, Rose actually said, 'try this one first'). It is indeed fabulous as a focaccio, which it was intended to be.

I love the spongy rich crumb and slightly sweet taste of Parker House rolls. They're heavenly with a slick of melting butter on top and it's this concept that is behind this high-standing, butter-topped bread that makes it a bread that tastes like a roll but is less work. Shortening plays a small but important part in structuring the amazing crumb of this loaf, but everywhere else, butter rules. Serve it just warm from the oven. It is a great gravy mopping bread..but nothing beats that croissant-like fragrance of melted butter as the bread comes out of the oven.
This bread tastes like a cross between buttery biscuits and a light slicing loaf. Perfect with a fried chicken supper, grilled fish, or with cheese.

A flavorful sweet molded cheese spread, traditionally offered with slices of Russian Easter bread. Raw yolks go into this and considering eggs are pasteurized and the mix is refrigerated, it is not a worry. That said, I use 2 tablespoons Byrd’s custard powder instead of the yolks myself, to thicken the spread but not worry about raw egg yolks. Up to you.

Hearty and satisfying. Directions are for "dough" cycle in a bread machine, but you may process as you like.

Everyone needs a stand-up, grilled cheese sandwich, sacrifice bread. This is it. This is amazing on its own but just sturdy enough to withstand a homemade grilled cheese sandwich and yet, it is a wonderful (vs. soft, white commercial sliced bread) on its own. I suggest Monterey Jack, sharp orange cheddar, and a bit of raclette cheese in your next grilled cheese sandwich. Use a panini grill or a good old Lodge cast iron pan and a few plates (to press the sandwich down). The trick is the bread, lots of salted butter, and amazing cheddar cheese (please don't think of processed cheese!)

Call them Cinnamon Buns, or Philadelphia Sticky Buns, they're heaven in a pan. Similar to the German schnecken pastry, these buns probably originated with Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. These are monster buns, moist, feathery, luscious - perfect cinnamon buns that put the bakery ones to shame. Use instant yeast (not active dry) and fresh fragrant cinnamon (Costco and Spice House have the best)

Try this dense bread with a sharp cheddar, summer tomatoes and razor thin slices of red onion. This is the national bread of Portugal and it is sometimes lightly golden, sometimes creamy coloured, depending on the cornmeal you use (white or yellow and how much). This is rustic and simple and one of those bread as good fresh, as it is days later, and superb, toasted.
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