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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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The recipe we developed here is just rich enough to stay fresh. You don't want it to compete with the filling or be too soft to host hearty meats, vegetables and cheeses. (Filling suggestions included).

A muffin in a loaf? A soda bread with attitude? Just darned good!

This is my best white bread, aka BLT bread, because it is the perfect bread for tomato and lettuce sandwiches, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly or good old tuna salad. Without a filling and just toasted? It is simply one great bread.

Oh my goodness - these are grand. Buttery little bundles of dough are tucked into muffin pans and bake up into a tender roll, reminiscent of a French croissant in taste but with the velvety crumb of a traditional rich, white bread roll. These are supposed to be side rolls but at Thanksgiving, they are the main event. Put the Pillsbury tube away and give the Dough Boy a much needed rest.  

What to do with garden surplus? A moist, spicy, divine muffin that does double duty as a quick bread loaf. This is one of those quietly popular recipes that gets hit on alot. In a totally good way.

This is the low maintenance, perfect yield dough for a homemade, thick crust. cheese and pepperoni pizza. Alternatively, a smear of garlic, drizzle of olive oil, some pepper and fresh herbs make this a super flatbread for dipping.

Nothing beats this rustic, yeast-free New England bread. I used several small cans (washed and dried) as well as a coffee can or two to make this famous bread. It is also perfect in a small loaf pan. Great cold with cream cheese and cinnamon.

A recent quiet dinner at a friend’s house is behind this new challah mischief. Everything that was served (with undue apologies – seriously –it’s the company that counts) bought-out but delicious (which goes to show you) foods – spicy salmon, baked lentils with cumin, wild rice, vegetable soup and this amazing challah – a gentle, brown bread which was a honey challah totally stuffed with bran. The result is a nutritious and wholesome challah that is lovely fresh and better toasted.


Bread machine dough - Oven baking
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