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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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These are small and tender buns that you can make with or without the little heart of cinnamon marzipan which isl tucked into each bun before rising and baking. They are fragrant with a perfume of almonds, cinnamon and vanilla. These are extra tender made with Molini Pizzuti 00 Flour available from

A pull-apart yeasted coffee cake that is a classic. Make the dough in the bread machine and finish up by hand.  Basically, balls of dough are dipped in butter and sugar before being piled up in a pan. They rise, they fuse, they baked into a little bit of heaven.

Beginning with a starter or a sponge, greatly enhances the flavor and texture of these hearty rolls.

Chewy, dark, hearty. You don't have to boil these, but I do. Pumpernickel flour is also known as dark rye -it is a flavourful, stone-ground (bran in) rye flour that makes these bagels sing.

Serve a basket of these at your next turkey dinner, or as a dessert, with homemade apple sauce or vanilla custard. Or use these as the basis of a breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, egg and cheese. A great tail-gate snack would be these, split, smeared with Dijon mustard and filled with a few slices of smoked turkey. You can also use pureed sweet potatoes for these amazing biscuits.

I think anytime is the right time for a soda bread, especially one with the goodness of pumpkin and spice. This recipe is easy and quick and you wind up with a gorgeous-hued giant rustic bread, fragrant with spice and bursting with plump raisins. Fresh or toasted, this is a soda bread that hits one out of the park.

Like Thankgiving but in-the-round, i.e. in a bagel. These are simply amazing bagels –rustic and touched with a kiss of pumpkin spice (and pumpkin!) and a good smattering of dried (or fresh) cranberries. They’re almost decadent and gourmet bagels but considering they are low fat and full of vitamin packed pumpkin puree, they are rather healthy. Feel free to sub some whole-wheat flour if you like.

There are a few recipes for this delight sweet-yeast treat and various approaches. I chose a simple route of a gently vanilla sweet pretzel dough which is tossed in pumpkin-sugar-spice after baking. These are not too rich but soft, crisp exteriors with soft interiors and a little chewiness. You can add a fondant drizzle, caramel or praline glaze but I like them pure and simple.

The trick in this recipe is a rich, butter dough and then, an ingenious method of shaving thin sheets of butter off the block, using a cheese slicer to create the butter ‘roll-in’. It imitates the French approach but using Canuck/Yankee expediency. Incidentally, note the use of all-purpose flour (for tenderness) and bread flour (for a bit of chew). Find a great unsalted butter (they're not all equal!) for this recipe and don't ever tell me Pillsbury are better.


French pastry chefs let nothing go to waste. Leftover croissants (make sure you use great ones) filled with an almond butter paste, and rebaked, are sublime.  This is a pastry and hotel school staple and something you can expect to see in many a French pastry shop window. They are puffy, buttery, extremely easy but unique treats that will make you say, 'Oh shut up. Too good!"   If you like this recipe, you'll also love 1,2,3, Croissant Cronuts and Butter Flakey Doughnuts (not quite Cronuts)

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