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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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Eggy, moist, and light as air, these usually disappear before dinner is served so count on making an extra batch.
Pizza dough, mashed potatoes, onions, garlic and colorful bright slices of garden tomatoes..mmmm.

Pizza dough, mashed potatoes, onions, garlic and colorful bright slices of garden tomatoes This is a wonderful hospitality pizza, perfect for summertime entertaining or winter holidays. This is great hot, cold, room temperature and I prefer it in small bites. You can also omit the potato component and shred up some raclette or camembert to top it with before it is completed baked. Pissaladiere is French pizza – where pizza really came from.

Italian sausage, pepperoni, provolone, mozzarella, marinara, spices and diced peppers all rolled up in a chewy/thin/crisp pizza dough. Bravo! Slice it hot or serve it at room temperature with a huge green salad - This is perfect picnic fare too.

A classic loaf

One of my favorite breads – aka, Dark Pumpernickle Bread. Hard to tell this apart from a bread that comes traight from a New York city Jewish bakery - fragrant, moist, full of character. You wanted to do what to do with the extra baker’s caramel? Dump it in this bread. A bread that grows hair on your chest and incidentally, makes Russian Cabbage Soup a meal in itself.


A crusty loaf - southwest style that is via the Pueblo Indians. It is still baked today in beehive ovens and the round loves often decorated with symbols for special occasions. 

Thanks to the folks at King Arthur Flour who gifted me with fragrant, rustic Sprouted Wheat Flour, I created an easy sprouted wheat bread that is rife with flavor and nutrition. It’s adapted from the recipe on the Sprouted Wheat Flour bag and you can also fiddle around with it.

Easy to make in the bread machine (on "dough" cycle).
This is more of a sourdough bread with San Francisco intentions. If you make it in New York, it is SF bread with NY roots. Etc. It is just plain good and gets better with each new batch. Nothing beats a classic sourdough bread and you will perfect your own with each new loaf. Use spring water and unbleached bread flour for best results and relax – this is not a quick bread (it takes a few days of time – not very much of it is hands on but it does take some rise and fermentation time) but it is a leisurely stroll into a fine loaf. You can try the first time with ˝ teaspoon rapid rise yeast to speed things along but this method is about as pure as you get.  Check out the Basic Sourdough Starter for more on baking with sourdough bread, as well as (Almost Levain's) Chocolate Chunk Cookies. What you should know about this recipe is that you are first making a mini-dough that takes prepared sourdough starter. That dough is broken up into pieces and put in another starter (fresh flour and water). This is allow to ferment and then it goes into the final dough. Real sourdough bread is not for sissies or impatient people so beware! It is however, awesome. The real Gold Rush ended but the interest in the Californian inspired sourdough bread has never abated. Find out why.

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