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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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These can be made a day ahead and left for a slow, cool rise in the fridge.
These are delicate and feathery but massive, gorgeous buns.In fact, they are better with a cool rise. You can also bake up a pan of these and freeze another batch, unrisen and unbaked. Let that batch rise overnight in the fridge and bake them off the next morning. Cinnamon buns are always decadent but these are pretty well queenly. It is that taste combination of cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel (in caramel topping and the caramel or butterscotch chips) and butter than makes these almost sleazy good!

Bubka is pure heaven to me - because it strikes the right note of sweet and bready. It is also relatively easy to make - not as complicated as true Danish with its rolled in blocks of butter but certainly richer and moister than a sweet dough. I have a few bubkas in my first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking (Doubleday, l998) where it sits like a queen of the realm of Jewish baking. Here it takes on another role - the diva of the yeasted, sweet pastries. I often use my bread machine to make the dough - although I have to give the mixing a hand at first by using a rubber spatula, just to get the rich dough properly going.

I can't stop fiddling with cornbread and this one is over the top delicious. A little sweet milk for flavor, some sour cream and some buttermilk for the extra acid and th extra rise it affords. Stone ground cornmeal is best – the rest is like yellow sawdust. Make this in a graniteware pie pan to authenticate Americana corn bread baking or use a 10 inch cast iron skillet (The Lodge, America's best know cast iron cookware makers offer the best cast iron skillets(a square one is another good choice for cornbread). Nowadays The Lodge cast iron classics come pre-seasoned – for the prettiest cornbread ever, check out

The classic. Flakey, light, golden - these are pretty well culinary history but melt on the tongue like any good biscuit. Great with fried chicken, chili, or eggs-over-easy. Use a great wood biscuit bowl or flea market piece of crockery.

If you are out of buttermilk, use Saco buttermilk powder.

We love our flatbread. Fire up the BBQ.

Spelt is one of those highly nutritious ancient wheats. People with gluten sensitivity sometimes find it easier to digest but for anyone seeking added food value in their favourite bagel, this is a perfect recipe. These are crusty, chewy, moist and full of flavour, and heart-healthy affairs. There is just enough whole-wheat and spelt to be extra-healthy and enough unbleached white bread flour to ensure the bagels are not dry. A little ground flaxseed is on the inside and flaxseed and sesame seeds coat the outside. Easy to make, these bagels also freeze well and bread machines do a super job making the dough. I make dough batches, (having the bread machine mix a batch whilst I am simmering and baking the first batch of bagel dough). Health food stores sell malt powder or you can use some malt syrup (health food stores or beer-brewing stores should stock it). By the way, if you can find it, the newer White Spelt flour makes sublime bagels.

Dried strawberries, honey and ingenuity make this a new and beautiful sweet challah for the holidays. You can substitute raisins but honestly, what for? Pretty and unique and leftovers, as always make great French Toast or Challah Bread Pudding for Yom Kippur. You can add a touch of vanilla of you like and sprinkle the top with almonds instead of the sugar and sesame seeds called for. I found dried strawberries at Costco, American Spoon Foods and at a local Middle Eastern bulk food store. The strawberries dot the golden dough and each bite is absolutely wonderful, more so, dipped in honey on the side.

A mild yeasted banana bread that is quietly awesome. The bananas disappear into the dough and the starch in them tenderizes the loaf while the natural sugar in the fruit sweetens it just so. This bread stays soft and fresh for days – if it lasts that long. I saw a Pepperidge Farm bread ad that had these elements (banana and strawberry) and couldn’t resist making my own version.

What is a quintessential spring-summer dessert? Bread pudding with scarlet overtones of seasonal fruit!

This yeasted sweet coffeecake bread,  is as tender as a buttery brioche and reminiscent of a feather-textured Italian panettone, except with a totally new spin. It is a mildly sweet dough that encases chunks of banana, brown sugar, and (optionally), butterscotch or chocolate chips. The dough featured finely ground, toasted walnuts. Definitely not your average banana bread. Just sweet enough and just buttery enough to deliver a lovely bouquet of taste and texture. . If you hankering for a traditional baking powder/baking soda Banana Bread, quick bread style, check our recipe index Search. If you like this concept but are not a banana fan, omit the butterscotch and chocolate chips, and use 2 cups blueberries instead. Everyone who tested this, and shared it with others said:
Not a crumb left. Disappeared in seconds. Fabulous (raves from Connecticut to Florida and Indiana)

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