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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
Find a recipe via our alphabetical recipe index or you can also search using our Search bar for recipes by title or by type (in general Categories, muffins, breads, etc.)

When you want something soft as a cloud, white crumb and slightly sweet,buttery and salty, i.e. just the sort of bread to mop up chicken and dumplings with or a fine beef stew.

Crusty outside, tender and airy inside, you could make a meal of this and a tossed salad.

This is the perfect cross between a bread and a cake.What could be more appealing - a rich challah-style dough is studded with chunks of fresh apples.  The bottom of the buns becomes caramelized with sugar and apple juices. Leftovers make terrific  French Toast or can be tossed into a bread pudding. Once the dough and apples are put together, you can roll this up, cut into hunks and let rise.

Focaccia does not always have to be savory. Use plump, firm, ripe cherries for this recipe.

The neo-classic cinnamon bun - gently sweet, and just gooey enough. Use your bread machine to make the luscious sweet dough. These are mall-style cinnamon buns.

A sweet, velvety egg bread with pumpkin overtones? What could be nicer? Add dried or fresh cranberries (or raisins) if you like. the chopped pumpkin seed garnish is also optional (photo doesn't shot it). This is a beautiful, mildly sweet challah that's perfect for Succot or Thanksgiving or breaking the fast.

This recipe makes two beautiful loaves- one to enjoy and one to give as a gift. Pure maple sugar and brown sugar make this heavenly. If you love sweet yeasted baking that is a cross between Danish and an upscale cinnamon bread, this will delight you. Leftovers (rare) make incredible French toast.

 One of my first jobs as a professional baker was as head baker for a health food holistic café and restaurant in Montreal called Terre Etoile. Color me green – but while all else was healthy and wholesome, the desserts, my unique dessert creations were sheer decadence. Chocolate Sour Cream Layer Cake, mammoth carrot cakes and sinful chocolate chunk cookies and my famous Lawsuit Muffins. Surprisingly, despite the disparity in the menu, no one complained. My desserts were only outdone by the sandwiches that Terre Etoile made their reputation on. Massive towering affairs of sprouts and fillings were packed on a throne of fluffy, moist, whole-wheaty bread. I say ‘whole-wheaty’ because it was more a matter of baker’s caramel that accounted for the dark color of the crumb than any presence or overload of whole-wheat.  There was however, enough whole wheat in it to make a great and flavorful bread on its own; the sandwiches were out of this world. I know, because in addition to creating the full bakery menu, I eventually created all the fillings to go with the sandwiches. This is the sort of bread that craves sprouts, grainy mustard, hothouse tomatoes, Swiss or slices of Havarti cheese and then some vegetarian filling or smoked turkey shavings. I love this bread for its fragrance, moistness, and gorgeous color of the crumb. It’s healthy enough for health cravers and simply great bread for the toast-and-sandwich crowd. Cut it in lofty slices, pile it high and serve forth. I use organic stone-ground whole-wheat in this bread along with a bit of unbleached white bread flour. This recipe is in The Best of and is one of my all-time best breads.


A trio of three great little breads for Thanksgiving include Classic Parker House Buttery Rolls, Miniature Boston Bread Bread Rolls and gorgeous, golden Baby Corn Bread Loaves (with the option of making one larger hospitality cornbread). Three recipes, for a limited time, one great price, $1.99.

Gilding the lily – sure, but why not? A little sweet milk for flavor, some sour cream for additional dairy fat (it’s not a dirty word, shame on you) and some buttermilk for the extra acid and rise it affords. Stone ground cornmeal is best – the rest is like yellow sawdust. Make this in a graniteware pie pan to authenticate Americana corn bread baking or use a 10 inch cast iron skillet (The Lodge, America's best know cast iron cookware makers offer the best cast iron skillets(a square one is another good choice for cornbread). Nowadays The Lodge cast iron classics come pre-seasoned – for the prettiest cornbread ever, check out

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