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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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A trio of three great little breads for Thanksgiving include Classic Parker House Buttery Rolls, Miniature Boston Bread Bread Rolls and gorgeous, golden Baby Corn Bread Loaves (with the option of making one larger hospitality cornbread). Three recipes, for a limited time, one great price, $1.99.

Perfect for any holiday or informal occasion.
These are the basics on sourdough baking, with a reference to San Francisco Sourdough Bread recipe and Classic Sourdough Starter.

Fried hotdogs? So good you’ll not want to share the technique. Score one of those super-sized kosher dogs. Deep fry (if you are baking French Fries – pop a couple of these in the oil). The dogs flare up and bulk in size – offering a crisp exterior and hot, juicy interior. Ballpark mustard, a fresh poppy seed roll and you’ve got game. A super 4th of July snack.

These are addictive. Make a lot and stack them in a flower vase or basket for serving. Excellent plain or with your favorite dip(s).

According to culinary writer/reporter Matthew Goodman buns from the Open Window Bakery are legend. His recipe, calls for a lean dough and vegetable shortening. The BB Test kitchen used butter and/or oil, (we are not keen on shortening), and we made the dough a bit richer to offset staling. The result is a plump blueberry bun that is authentic Open Window Bakery-inspired but a bit better and more appropriate to the home kitchen. This bun takes an egg wash and some dusting sugar but I suggest a crumb topping. Instead of square buns, these are cut in large circles and folded in half for half-moon shaped pastries. Matthew Goodman’s fine write-up on the Blueberry Bun can be found at  Incidentally, the scent, let alone taste of the fresh blueberry filling are so summery and good you might forget to save some for the buns. This recipe is similar to my own for Cherry Buns in my first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking River Heart Press 2017)

What tastes like croissants, is as easy as pie, and bakes up as fast as Pillsbury crescent rolls? Triple Butter Buns. I won’t kid you – these are rich but fabulous.
I tested them with milk, water, and cream and the cream (with some milk) version are so unbelievably better it is worth each calorie. Note the technique in this recipe which calls for both salted and unsalted butter. If I tell you they will beg for this recipe versus chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and brownies, it would not be a fib. Trust me. These are incredible.


So simple, so unique, so obvious and so good! Chunks of white and dark chocolate in a tender, golden challah, made so by using all-purpose instead of bread flour. Add some cocoa for a chocolate (dough) challah or leave it out. If you have Nielsen Massey's new chocolate extract on hand, this challah becomes more than manna.

Bits of dried mango, sliced dried figs, diced dried apricots, sour cherries and dried cranberries in a sweet little loaf. Dreams of sugarplums indeed. Fresh or toasted, this is just super. Makes two small rounds – keep one; wrap the other as a gift. Serve with orange cream cheese spread or sweet butter.

The comfort of good carbs in a bread that is still lofty with a soft grain and inviting wholesome fragrance. You can also replace some of the whole-wheat flour with multi-grain flours (usually it is rye, barley, whole-wheat, and corn). The soaked grain gives this bread its inviting color, bouquet, and moistness of crumb. You can, make it 12-grain if you add tablespoons of this grain and that to get the requisite 12 grains. There is also Bread of the Apostles, an ancient and rustic bread recipe, but this one is named for its ……seediness. Baker’s Caramel is a liquid that is burnt sugar. You can use Kitchen Bouquet if you like or order it from It is the dark hue of many a ‘wheaty’ looking or pumpernickel bread. It is also used in browning gravy (so whatever you don’t use, save for Thanksgiving). If you are new (and resistant) to whole-wheat, wholesome breads, remember, you can always smear it with Nutella.

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