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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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Bits of dried mango, sliced dried figs, diced dried apricots, sour cherries and dried cranberries in a sweet little loaf. Dreams of sugarplums indeed. Fresh or toasted, this is just super. Makes two small rounds – keep one; wrap the other as a gift. Serve with orange cream cheese spread or sweet butter.

The comfort of good carbs in a bread that is still lofty with a soft grain and inviting wholesome fragrance. You can also replace some of the whole-wheat flour with multi-grain flours (usually it is rye, barley, whole-wheat, and corn). The soaked grain gives this bread its inviting color, bouquet, and moistness of crumb. You can, make it 12-grain if you add tablespoons of this grain and that to get the requisite 12 grains. There is also Bread of the Apostles, an ancient and rustic bread recipe, but this one is named for its ……seediness. Baker’s Caramel is a liquid that is burnt sugar. You can use Kitchen Bouquet if you like or order it from It is the dark hue of many a ‘wheaty’ looking or pumpernickel bread. It is also used in browning gravy (so whatever you don’t use, save for Thanksgiving). If you are new (and resistant) to whole-wheat, wholesome breads, remember, you can always smear it with Nutella.

Saco Buttermilk Blend gives this loaf a golden crust. There is a lot of dough to handle here. A good mixer, like a KitchenAid, or a hefty bread maker is required to knead this mechanically.

Bagel dough fashioned into a twisted loaf, stuffed with golden Vidalia onions and roasted garlic.  This is an ‘everything’ bread, like an everything bagel. It makes a great sandwich slicing loaf, toast, or is simply satisfying, pulled off in hunks to nibble on with cheese or cream cheese spreads. (p.s. the garlic gets slow roasted in the pan with the sautéed onions)

The recipe is now in A Passion for Home Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House 2007

This bread is sharp with bittersweet chocolate, yet moist and chewy, with a sweet, chocolate swirl and nuggets nestled in the filling. Two days of cool rises (and little hands-on work) result in two plump loaves Dean and Deluca would beat a door down to have. There are many breads with Valrhona in their title - they differ substantially. This one from our test kitchens is the queen. The only thing might add is kirsch-soaked sour dry cherries - and only if I was in the mood. This is great with espresso, tea, or slathered with cinnamon butter as a morning bread.

Bread puddings have always been the baker’s wise way to use up leftover bread and transform it into a homey, sweet dessert. This one is classic, creamy and comforting. A smidge of warm caramel sauce would do nicely or an orange crème anglaise or fresh fraise du bois. Nothing beats something this old-fashioned and easy and it moves into a blue ribbon category when you add the piquant sweetness of a strawberry rhubarb compote alongside it.


Challah and a touch of vanilla in a sweet roll. Could anything be more comforting?Challah and a touch of vanilla in a sweet roll. Brew coffee, put up feet, take out steamy novel. Relax and enjoy. These are made with cinnamon cream cheese, preserves or a pot of honey.
A shipment of Cabot’s fine sharp white cheddar cheese arrived, as a holiday gift to our test kitchen. Oh the glorious things great cheddar cheese can be baked into. This is one such. This bread is great hot from the oven, cold in sandwiches, and approaches nirvana when you toast it. Use great Cabot or cheddar of your choice, inside. On the outside, dust the loaves with that dry, weird, orange cheese that comes in the packets. It is only a small amount (not to worry) but adds a neat look.

This buttery bread is chock full of onions. It's baked in a round pan. A wedge of this fragrant loaf with Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and pastrami or smoked turkey is heavenly.

Vienna rolls, also called Kaiser rolls, are five-part, round rolls with thin, hard surfaces and light interiors.
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