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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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Challah and a touch of vanilla in a sweet roll. Could anything be more comforting?Challah and a touch of vanilla in a sweet roll. Brew coffee, put up feet, take out steamy novel. Relax and enjoy. These are made with cinnamon cream cheese, preserves or a pot of honey.
A shipment of Cabot’s fine sharp white cheddar cheese arrived, as a holiday gift to our test kitchen. Oh the glorious things great cheddar cheese can be baked into. This is one such. This bread is great hot from the oven, cold in sandwiches, and approaches nirvana when you toast it. Use great Cabot or cheddar of your choice, inside. On the outside, dust the loaves with that dry, weird, orange cheese that comes in the packets. It is only a small amount (not to worry) but adds a neat look.

This buttery bread is chock full of onions. It's baked in a round pan. A wedge of this fragrant loaf with Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and pastrami or smoked turkey is heavenly.

Vienna rolls, also called Kaiser rolls, are five-part, round rolls with thin, hard surfaces and light interiors.

Moist and studded with California walnuts. The slightly mauve-colored crumb is intriguing.This is nice with smoked ham or sliced thin and topped with cinnamon cream cheese as a tea sandwich. This bread is now in the new cookbook,
A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor 2007. Thank you for your understanding.

My personal favorite recipe. This recipe makes for impressive, crusty, corn meal-coated English muffins. Moist and full of holes, rough textured and hearty. A combination of unbleached white bread flour together with some white wholewheat (or regular whole wheat). A smack of butter and honey rounds out the simple flavor. Don't be spooked by the starter. It's child's play – you can make it an hour ahead or the night before and refrigerate it. Why bother settling for ordinary (insipid) store-bought, English Muffins when recipes like these are around? A large cast iron pan is great for baking. The rough hewn look of these are fetching.

These look like muffins and are devoured whenever you would want to devour a muffin but they are actually mini brioche. A few nice bites and they are gone and it's no wonder since they are light, moist, buttery and utterly delectable. Boulangerie Guillaume in Montreal makes a version of these – little sweet buns, studded with massive chunks of Belgium white chocolate. No special bakeware or expertise needed. These are wonderful fresh or toasted and (to be honest) these are even good stale.

Sundried tomatoes and white cheddar dress this up.

This is fabulous challah, perfect for Friday Night, or Rosh Hashanah or anytime you want a great whole-wheat bread that is moist, and slightly sweet. I use stone-ground whole-wheat flour or white wholewheat flour (that I get from King Arthur Flour). White whole-wheat flour is sweeter but just as nutritious. If you want to up the whole-wheat flour, go ahead and make it all whole-wheat (no white flour).  Just make sure you let the dough rest more, to allow the bran and germ in the whole-wheat flour to absorb the moisture in the dough.

Sweet, wholesome, flavorful. Invite Pooh Bear for tea or your own best friend.
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