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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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Marry these up with Turkey Garden Burgers or your own favorite BBQ burger.  A bread machine makes short work of this dough. Malt powder or syrup (check King Arthur Flour or a beer brewing shop or health food stores) adds a bit of special flavor (and helps with browning) in hot dog and hamburger buns. But if you don't have it -just leave it out.

Nutty, wheaty, delicious.
These are soft but the whole wheat flour makes them nicely nutritious and gently nutty in flavor.
Rye and white flours with a starter. Rustic and simple.
Am I red-faced? I bake bread from scratch regularly. Yet, one of my three sons prefers store-bought bread. Homemade is still better and I'm determined to convince him of that.
Minimum 4 hour head start for starter.

These are not quite scones, not quite rolls but quick and easy deeply cheddared buns. They are best fresh but incredible toasted.

Moist, and slightly kissed with orange zest, this classic quick bread makes short work of your garden's zucchini overstock. One of my all-time favorite recipes.

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