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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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Comfort buns
Homemade wins hands down
The scent of this loaf makes you feel ten grandmothers are home or someone opened a bakery in your kitchen. It is adapted from my friend, and fellow baker and cookbook author, Beth Henspberger.

A lightly golden, country styled loaf, that is perfect as cinnamon toast in the morning or as a healthy sandwich bread.

An easy but sophisticated dough yields melt-in-your-mouth gems. The almond paste melts during hte baking and the result is a crisp, sweet croissant. The dough tastes like classic puff pastry but with far less effort. 

 Hold the lettuce – all you need is dough and not that green stuff either. This is a dynamite bread, slathered with a cheesy, Caesar style garlicy filling that bubbles up into a crust in a pull apart, crusty, white bread that is a meal maker. Add that other, real Caesar salad as a side for this great bread. Hail nothing!

I heard about a bakery that somehow combined cake mix and a yeast dough to make great cinnamon buns and was intrigued to try my own version. Wow! This recipe makes a light, almost feathery cinnamon bun. Chill overnight and bake off first thing in the morning for fresh buns by the time The Sunday New York Times arrives.

A round unleavened loaf

 Not too sweet, not too rich, this dough is stretched and briefly fried (a wok is fine) before being tossed with sugar and cinnamon. These are the next best thing to being at a country fair.

Ah, another inspiration via Canada’s famed coffee spot, Tim Horton’s. Their new Caramel Apple Bagels are an amazing concept. But alas, when I bought and ate one, I just wasn’t thrilled with the artificial taste (something was just off). Luckily, my own version is all-natural and makes the most of my original great bagel recipe, along with butterscotch chips, caramel hunks and diced apples for a quintessential autumn bagel. How good are these? I traded some for regular bagels at a local bagel shop (for Montrealers, St Viateur Bagel). The pros fainted with delight! They called me at homewhen I barely walked back in the door to ask for the recipe. I kid you …not.

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