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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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This is a great company dish for brunch. You can prepare it the night before and reheat. But either way, it is great big buttery slabs of fresh toast, stuffed to the gills with a cheesecake filling and covered in a mellow, apple topping. Outstanding.

These amazing rolls strike all the right notes. Made of a quick and light yeasted dough, each little roll hides a center of a chunk of cheese. The whole thing is dunked in a garlic-butter bath before being put in a small pan to rise. Once baked, the rolls are crusty outside, and rife with herbs and garlic, and inside, the little chunk of cheese melts and oozes. A side of warm marinara for dipping is the final touch.


This is not Cheskie’s recipe. This is mine. It is inspired by Cheskie’s Bakery in Montreal, who makes this incredible specialty to rave reviews like this one, by Jane and Michael Stern of Road Food. The bubka comes in chocolate (and I assume cinnamon but there was none the day I went down) and is a heavyweight loaf (sold by the pound) of micro thin layers of bubka dough, yielding a dense, chewy, old-fashioned bubka. This is not a puffy, bready bubka, this is more pastry-like. Check out:
I use milk and butter in my bubka replication but I believe Cheskies makes a pareve (no dairy) version. If you prefer yours to be non-dairy, use oil or shortening and all water (no milk).
You can also make the bubka in my cookbook A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking which is as good as Cheskies but different. You can never have too many great LBD (Little Black Dresses) or GBR (Great Bubka Recipes).

This is made in a huge loaf pan and then cut in two and sold in halves. If you count the layers of a Cheskie’s bubka, there are some 24 thin layers, all coiled up! If you want a Chocolate Bubka, omit the cinnamon and replace it with double the cocoa.

No two Chicagoans will agree what makes a great about deep-dish pizza, but these are the basics – three layers of dough, spicy sausage filling, topped with sauce and cheese. Great hot or cold. If you want to speed this up, omit the spinach (and/or if you aren't keen on spinach) and used doctored-up jarred marinara sauce. This is a very hunky pizza - making it perfect for the beach picnic (cold) or on the deck at night, or brown-bagging. It's BB's salute to the 2016 Chicago Cubs - World Series Winners!

Chocolate cinnamon ‘schmear’, chocolate chips in the filling, and slicked up with a chocolate fondant glaze. Yum. Maple your preference? See the variation.

Hanukkah is about latkes and rugulah but I always like a new tradition. Chocolate chip challah seems perfect for the occasion! This is delicately sweet, strewn with chocolate and scented with vanilla. Braided with a chocolate-flavored dough and a regular, sweet one and topped with sugar, this is a divine sweet challah that's just perfect for Hanukkah dessert or coffee break.

A dessert bread or a breakfast treat. This is the easy approach of a cinnamon bread with but the French factor: tons of chocolate, butter and the creativity of la boulangere. It is like pain au chocolate in a loaf. This recipe gives you a dough hook or bread machine approach.

A bread machine will save your buns here but this is a simple sweet dough anyone can whip up. Schnecken is usually filled with cinnamon and sugar but these are extra special, made with Swiss chocolate and a gorgeous buttery dough.

A lightly sweetened dough with a cache of cinnamon sugar in each crevice. Feel free to add raisins or apple chunks. Toasted with butter and honey, this is just the thing for a frosty winter morning.

This unique presentation of a buttery and rich bread pudding will have you thinking you are tasting cheesecake - it is that rich and good.The use of a spring-form mold (or 9-inch tart or quiche pan) dramatically changes the presentation to a dense lovely torte. The use of heavy cream makes for a thick and smooth interior. A great way to turn leftover egg bread, brioche or challah into a deluxe affair.
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