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Bread - Buns - Bagels

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Bread - Buns - Bagels
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Great for toasting, drizzled with butter, honey and cinnamon. This makes a rustic English muffin taste in a nice slicing loaf. The cranberries makes this divine and different. Use two large coffee cans to bake round loaves. I used a large loaf pan (12 by 5 inches). Two 9 by 5 inch pans will work as well. Another great bread for a breakfast sandwich.

A vibrant sandwich featuring a rustic black rye roll as the foundation to buttery Boston lettuce, cranberry salsa, feta cheese and sliveres of sweet pickle. This vegetarian sandwich touches all the right notes - it makes your mouth tingle.

Similar to a classic buttery brioche or a Sally Lunn. This slightly sweet loaf is wonderful fresh, or toasted with butter and honey. It's a perfect side bread. 

Folding butter into these cream-cheese rich biscuits makes them the winningest biscuits for Thanksgiving or any other time. Stonewall Kitchens is renown for their amazing layered biscuits for some time now. They are so good - I do hope you try them. But the baker in me loves the idea of  the concept of layering butter into a dough to make each extra flaky is a technique borrowed from croissant making. It works for croissants, why not biscuits? I think you will agree.

A chewy, cheesy, moist roll. Great fresh, toasted, or for sandwiches.Use Wisconsin Asiago cheese for these as well as nippy, white cheddar. These are hearty and rustic and perfect for pastrami sandwiches of slivered beef and gravy sandwiches. Offer some fries and a Caesar Salad and ..wowo! The dough could also be used to make one large free-form loaf. 

Palm fronds are traditionally draped over the rising bread. If you feel particularly brave, you may find the fronds or banana leaves in a Latin market. This is a super bread for Cuban sandwiches, either fresh or grilled (or toasted, for that matter). To grill sandwiches at home, use your Lodge cast iron skillet (with parchment paper between sandwich and pan) as a panini grill. You can also use this bread to make hoagie or Cuban style rolls for the legendary Cuban sandwiches which include sliced roasted pork, cheese, lettuce and pickles.

A Da Vinci inspired bread, aka a Mediterranean Diet bread begins with a starter and builds to a whole-wheat and rye finale with a spectacular encore of calamata olives studding the works. Totally fabulous bread. Heavenly moist, and deeply flavored rye bread. Use stoneground dark rye flour for this. Serve with fresh pears, hunks of cheese, and tomato salad. The soaked bread it calls for is called (by bakers in the know) altus. It is a slurry of stale bread and water you add to breads such as rye.

A short (one hour before) sponge starter (don't panic!)  greatly enhances the flavor and texture of these fragrant rye buns. Great for sweet and savory or topped with cheese with a pot of tea of coffee. We tested with King Arthur's dark rye flour - supermarket rye flour just doesn't cut it. You want real rye, not rye 'flavored' buns.

This is a hefty lunch time snack or midnight bite but perfect for the big game. Imagine a huge filled loaf, chock full of pizza stuffing and stuff, rolled up baked, and hot out of the oven. Even cold, this is dynamite. Did I mention it doesn't need cutlery? Is it meaty and spicy? You bet.
But it doesn't quite compare with the New York Times recent bacon sausage thingie. It comes with a side of paramedics.

A nice change for dinnerm- an oil- based cornbread that is not too sweet nor salty, but moist. Whip it up in under 20 seconds (honest) for hot, fresh cornbread for dinner.
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