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Bread - Buns - Bagels

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Garlic in the crust/dough pizza? Only a vampire would refuse this incredible savory garlic pizza that is thin, crisp and herb laced. You could also substitute the fresh garlic for a roasted garlic on top, slathering it over the cheese. This is so good you will eat the raw dough. But baked up - it is positively addictive. Serve as is or with an baby lettuces salad (with a light vinaigrette) on top.

Over 5800 Downloads. A gourmet garlic experience. This is simply one of the zestiest, addictive breads you will ever make. People tear into this while it is still hot. Great with salad, spaghetti or on its own as a hearty snack. Both fresh and dry powdered garlic dust this Mediterranean ode to garlic. If you're really in a hurry, use prepared or frozen/defrosted white bread dough or pizza dough. I serve this with warm marinara sauce for dipping or melted goat cheese to smear on.

This is the quintessential egg bread of the Sabbath but done a bit differently. The best part is the topping and sesame seed crust so why not coat the entire bread with sesame seeds, instead of just on top? This recipe makes a velvety-stranded challah. It is a golden hued bread that features that slight ‘stretch’ or resistance to it  when take that first bite – all nicely contrasted with a tender crust. The total extreme, sesame outwear makes this challah unique looking and totally sumptuous to snack on but the secret inside (see the recipe) is what makes it totally sing sesame’s siren song. This is a golden, egg bread that is good 24/7 in any household. I would also carry on about how it makes great toast and French toast and sandwiches but there are no leftovers so why pretend….?


If you can find Fermipan or Saf  instant yeast, those would be the best choices for this recipe. Otherwise Red Star or Fleischmanns is just fine. Use a dough hook of course, with your mixer for this recipe or a bread machine also is handy to prepare the dough. Challah is a most amenable dough. If your guests (or family) aren't fond of raisins, leave them out or use dried cranberries or chunks of diced apple. This is a feathery, sweet, beautiful challah that anyone can make.

This is a short cut version of the classic French chocolate bun. A rich sweet dough, hides a cache of chopped chocolate that melts with just a touch.
Great for dinner or lunches
48 hours lead time for this recipe
Great for toasting, drizzled with butter, honey and cinnamon.

Bagels ! What else is so satisfying and fun? These use fresh yeast for that real bagel bakery scent but there is a back-up substitution of dry yeast. This is a dynamite, crusty, huge, bagel with a hefty overcoat of onions, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and a touch of coarse salt. You can also use some multi-grain flour instead of all white flour or add cinnamon and raisins (and leave out the toppings) for a cinnamon raisin bagel. Bagel dough needs to be slick and almost tough so add in as much flour as the dough can absorb. A bread machine is perfect for making batches of bagel dough.

Something to rise and shine for. Plump raisins, velvety white bread, traces of cinnamon. A small loaf but satisfying.

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