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These are delectable, deeply braised sweet potatoes. Ancho is a smoky, sweet chilli powder. Together with the maple syrup, the ancho infuses a remarkable flavor to these sweet potatoes. A perfect side anytime but especially nice at Thanksgiving. to order quality ancho spice powder.

One of my personal favorite soups from my cookbook, When Bakers Cook (Marcy Goldman, on Amazon and Kindle in print and ebook). Nothing is as satisfying as the simple flavors of garden fresh cauliflower, a hefty offering of sweet paprika and some protein-packed chick peas. The trick of semi-pureeing the soup results in a soup that is staying and hearty but not a homogeneous glop. Ancho spice is a sweet pepper – not as hot as chilli and somewhat smoky and sweet (it's optional but it's terrific. I purchase mine at

This rice-less side dish is as satisfying as a bowl of rice but is a nutritional ruse that can't be beat.

Spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are being touted as natural anti-inflammatories.
They also happen to taste sublime in a café au lait. Calcium (in the form of almond or regular milk), and the goodness of spices and hot coffee make this the beverage of the hour.

Chick peas are the usual suspect in hummus, a flavorful dip that takes to all sorts of legumes (lentils, beans, any sort of dried peas) and various seasonings. This recipe is a classic but  take note of the other possibilities, from sweet potatoes and squash, to ground beets, and and different spice approaches you can create a new hummus every day! Hummus is a staple of the Middle Eastern kitchen but even classic chick pea based hummus recipes vary. I like  cumin in my hummus but feel free, as I do, to experiment with other spices you prefer. For serving, do as they often do in restaurants -  fill a shallow dish with hummus. Then, using the back of a spoon, make a concentric trough in the puree and then drizzle in some olive oil. Serve with fresh pita wedges or raw vegetables.

A vibrant sandwich featuring a rustic black rye roll as the foundation to buttery Boston lettuce, cranberry salsa, feta cheese and sliveres of sweet pickle. This vegetarian sandwich touches all the right notes - it makes your mouth tingle.

Some newspaper featured this in their food section sometime ago but I never could find the recipe again. I created it from memory and what I would want it to taste like and it turned out incredible. I served it at Rosh Hashanah and it was devoured in a way I've never seen (seriously - it's a casserole - but it was mobbed like it was the last edible on earth). It’s so good, people will forget whatever the main dish you’re serving. I serve this for Passover, or Rosh Hashanah, or Thanksgiving and it would be wonderful at Christmas or Easter too. Or daily. It has a secret ingredient that you might protest at but it is kosher and the transformational element in this memorable side dish. Oh, why Madras? It's the brand of curry powder I use. The shredded apples (btw) tend to 'melt' or cook into the hot potatoes as you are mashing it all up.


This doesn’t have an exciting name but it is the fastest, easiest way to flavor and nutrition I know off. It is essentially chop, dump and sauté and serve but it smells as exotic as if you’d been cooking over the proverbial hot stove for hours. You can add tofu if you like but if you serve it alongside a protein of some sort, that’s not necessary.

I love the idea of a mellow detox tea – something palate cleaning and mild to go with my meditations and more mindful way of living. It’s easy to make something organic, earthy and gourmet at home. It’s also a help in weight loss (it seems!). But do start with filtered or spring water.

Sunny, simple and flavorful – what else would you expect from a quick Greek fish recipe? Have your fish monger gut and trim the fish if you prefer filets over whole fish. This is perfect whether you choose bass, snapper, sole or even wild salmon.

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