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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Mad About Madeleines, A Little History About a Little Cake *
Where Love, as well as Content Meets Form......

Read a Madeleine Love well as make the classic recipe
These are sophisticated (but easy to make) little snack cakes, French style- somewhat like a mini cupcake/poundcake.  You just need a madeleine mold for these. These wee cakes were immortalized, according to culinary legend, by Marcel Proust. Proust wrote of these "plump little cakes called petites madeleines".  But I think there is another story here that is far more fun and romantic. Check out Madeleines, a Story of Cake and Love
You can also check out a great blog with a super madeleine photo at


This is quite homey but when I see it in French pastry shops, it looks decidedly fussier. This is dense, moist and tender and pretty as you please. My recipe also is substantial because I dislike too-modest quick breads! I think a great lemon loaf should command attention so be prepared to squeeze some fresh lemons for this beauty.

Is this a cookie or a tart? A torte or a cake? It is a gorgeous cookie tart, with a European cachet but American ease of passage.......To me, Linzertorte has cookie roots and tort-ish aspirations.

It is the quintessential European treat: a nutty shortbread, kissed with a touch of cinnamon and cloves, topped with raspberry preserves followed by a lattice-work crust and a halo of confectioners’ sugar. This is divine and easy – lovely at Christmas but fashionably all seasonal. We dolled this sweetie up with a trio of nuts, and blended apricot as well as raspberry preserves to glitz up this tried-and-true. Match this up with a homemade apple strudel for a mini sweet table and have The Sound of Music cued in the DVD.

The little black dress of the Seder set. Grinding the sugar first, in a food processor, helps this recipe soar.

The classic sticky, gooey, delicious brown sugar pudding that's a sludgy cake.  A crusty top is broken into with an eager get at all the goo inside or top it with the delicious sticky toffee sauce.

A tangy twist for pound cake that is a great coffeecake for Thanksgiving tea time. Use seedless, little oranges such as clementines for full flavor and thin skins and wash the outer skin of the fruit first. Dust this elegant cake with confectioners' sugar or use the Orange Fondant as a spiffier glaze. If you get tired of pumpkin pie and pecans, this is another seasonal option.

These terrific dark chocolate cupcakes, based on a vintage chocolate cake recipe, are perfect for any occasion. No creaming. Easily made by hand. Can be doubled and tripled with perfect results. Cola is the secret ingredient.

The Brennan family, like many landmark New Orlean restaurants has vowed to stay open and continue their family’s restaurant legacy. This is a coffeecake such as they serve at Commander’s Palace. It is rich, buttery and typical of our favorite American style sour cream coffeecakes. Serve with www.ThanksgivingCoffee laced with a dash of chicory. This is a sumptuous, golden, moist sour cream coffeecake to beat the band. If you collect sour cream coffeecakes, you have to try this one. Visit in New Orleans.

Combination muffin scone, Irish soda bread and quick bread.A good choice for teas and brunch. I developed this and similar cakes for the Boston's Titterington's Scone Company. This makes a high rising cake/bread that is toastable, or wonderful plain. It is only lightly corn tasting  - and it features a gorgeous golden crust and a moist crumb that has a texture all of its own. Blackberries sub really well for the blueberries. A dash of caraway seeds would work nicely too.

Buttery and tender
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