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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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 These very special recipes were commissioned for Costco for their 2011 Cooking the Costco Way Cookbook. The cookbook was free but disappeared like hotcakes. Some recipes of mine, and other chefs such as Jamie Oliver were posted online at Costco. And Ebay copies of this fabulous cookbook did a fast trade - who doesn't like Costco? Enjoy!

Perfect for when you want a bit of carrot and spice but not a big cake. These freeze well and captivate everyone. Finely minced raisins offer taste but no big, distracting chunks of fruit in this elegant little cake.

Odd combinations sometimes make great marriages - for cakes

Great for tea time and informal hosting. A gorgeous river of a cream cheese swirld makes this cake exceptional in taste and looks. It also slices like a dream and it features the seasonal perk of fresh cranberries. A wonderful gift cake. The Lemon Glaze below the recipe is totally optional.

This cake has a dense, melting texture that is reminiscent of a commercial pound cake.
Delis often call cakes like this "Russian" or "Hungarian" coffeecake

What makes this cake especially neat is two things: for one, the intense flavor of orange juice in the cake batter, brought to you by a touch of undiluted orange juice and two, the tiniest bit of orange food coloring the bolster the orange swirl layer. It is totally optional but what is nice is the visual and taste ‘apparency’ of the orange. Most marble cakes are chocolate and white; this shows you another possibility. A few spoonfuls of miniature chocolate chips would be nice in this. The orange food coloring and the glaze are both optional. This tastes like a Creamsicle © but in a cake.

 This is a spice and apple cake that features a lovely shortbread crumb topping. I suggest a soft apple for this cake such as McIntosh or Golden Delicious or if using Granny Smith, pare very thinly.

We’ve all had that perfect tango with the perfect partner who has an embrace like silk, and a pulse and pace like someone enchanted. It is always the last tango. The music fades and the memory of that divine dance with the ultimate stranger, drifts away, as bittersweet as a Buenos Aires sigh. But then, at least we’ll always have this amazing cake. This is a cake worth 100 such tangos. It is a decadent chocolate extravaganza that sandwiches layers of whipped cream, hazelnut paste, chocolate buttercream and a sultry bittersweet glaze. The rose is optional. This cake is shown 3 times its original size and bake in two 12 inch round layers. This version is for a home-sized cake. Remember this essentially a chocolate cake with different fillings. It’s not hard at all. You can make everything a day before and assemble, at your leisure a day or two afterwards. Most pastry chefs would do exactly that.

Wickedly dark and decadent, this cake sports a touch of bourbon inside  (but you can substitute brandy or espresso), and either dark chocolate or (if you choose) a halo of white chocolate ganache. The texture of this cake is quite unbelievable: it's moist but light, dense, but lofty. Frankly, I’ve never created a chocolate cake quite this delicious nor as soul-and-heart satisfying. It requires a slow bake to keep its wonderful character intact. These days, I'm serving it with salted caramel sauce, especially on Valentine's Day.

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