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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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A 9 cup food processor can handle this recipe but if yours is smaller,  switch to your stand mixer for this adult and kid-charming recipe. The Oreo cookie bottom bakes right into the batter making a sweet solid base and nice change of texture as you bit through these gems. Use any type of Oreos you like (Double Stuff or Chocolate or special editions). These are a delicate, black and white cupcake, studded with chopped Oreos on top and a drizzle of chocolate glaze. Great summer food or party fare for kids.

Chocolate cake, filled with white and dark chocolate Oreo mousse, and topped with ganache. A triumph of cookies and cream. Remember that ice-box chocolate wafer and whipped cream cake? This is like a scratch, grown up version of that.

Sometimes you feel like a bundt; sometimes you don’t. This is a super recipe when you want a moist, golden cake with a river of spice going through it and prefer a nice, hunk, versus a pretty wedge. This is equally good with the raspberries or not (or with blueberries)

Looks complicated but it's not. This is a rich chocolate cake, filled with a fluffy chocolate buttercream and finished with a pareve chocolate glaze. You need a heavy duty mixer for this to really get volume into the eggs.

Very rich and best for a large Seder crowd. It can be made ahead but it keeps for days in the fridge. A thin wedge is all you need.

Not too spicy...

Sweet potatoes are part of this recipe, as they are part of my Mock Chestnut Torte. Here, however, toasted ground walnuts add to the fray for a decadent but light Passover finale. Garnish with cocoa and fresh raspberries.

Doesn’t everyone need a bit of fun? Baby cupcakes, pastel icings, sprinkles.
Take three, pop em in your mouth, rinse with ice-cold lemonade. Just the tonic for any time of year but especially nice with tea. These taste like cupcakes and are as easy as cupcakes should be but as delightful in looks as a pastry shop petit fours. Don't forget to check on the chocolate variation in the recipe method.

Puff pastry and peaches are a natural combination. Instant dessert without fuss ....just cachet to spare.

Kuchen is a German word for coffeecake. This one develops a chewy, crackly top.
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