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Cakes - Coffeecakes

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Kuchen is a German word for coffeecake. This one develops a chewy, crackly top.

Fruitcakes are fine but pecans are nutty and nostalgic. Fat pecans as well as toasted ground hazelnuts dominate this butter and brown-sugar laced batter. A soaking in pecan liqueur ensures it is sweet, moist and flavorful.If you cannot find pecan liqueur, use Frangelico which is a hazelnut liqueur. This is not really a bread, it is more a sweet, luscious nut cake. The fragrance of the baked cake is an incredible bouquet of nutty sweetness. The crumb of the cake is perfect.

These are small and tender buns that you can make with or without the little heart of cinnamon marzipan which isl tucked into each bun before rising and baking. They are fragrant with a perfume of almonds, cinnamon and vanilla. These are extra tender made with Molini Pizzuti 00 Flour available from

A pull-apart yeasted coffee cake that is a classic. Make the dough in the bread machine and finish up by hand.  Basically, balls of dough are dipped in butter and sugar before being piled up in a pan. They rise, they fuse, they baked into a little bit of heaven.

Use your own, or our Pumpkin Bread recipe as the basis of this ambrosial, decadent, different dessert. Make it thick, bake it long, serve in huge, chilled squares. Or serve it warm with custard or vanilla ice-cream. If you don't have pumpkin bread, use buttered challah cubes.

Tender, spice-kissed pumpkin cupcakes, light, moist and Halloween fun. Nothing to get spooked about. These take a light orange-hued frosting, that is accented with orange flavor and a kiss of spice. A cream cheese frosting, as for carrot cake, makes these adult fare. Candy corn finishes off these treats just so.

THis is something of a Passover cake cheat sheet. Sometimes you want it quick and easy and at Passover, this is just the thing - a Passover cake mix with some scratch ingredients - the result is one fine banana cake.

What is more fitting for Valentine’s Day than a quick and easy Honey Bun Cake. These honey bun cakes turn up everywhere (by that name) and have been around a long time and use a cake mix with some pantry ingredients for a golden cake that slices like coffee cake but tastes like a cinnamon bun. If you prefer a scratch cake, choose any one of the streusel recipe cakes I have but if you’re in a hurry or just like the notion of a mix once in awhile, this ummmm....takes the cake. This is not a BB original recipe - it is a popular recipe that no one seems to have ownership but appears in home recipe boxes, online, on blogs, in cake mix recipe books. It is presented for your viewing. I would hazard a guess it came from Dunkin Hines or Betty Crocker or an inventive housewife from the 50's. This version is similar to the one on I found this cake quite ricih and good. I didn't get quick the layer effect as Betty Crocker seems to but more streusel all over the place. For a more layered cake with that streusel on one level, I suggest my Bubbie Style Yellow Cake from my Jewish Holiday Baking Book (Whitecap Books 2009) which is, of course, a scratch cake. Just use that cake in a 9 by 13 inch pan, layer it with pecan brown sugar streusel, bake and then top with fondant (that's a less rich but to me, better Honey Bun Cake)

French pastry chefs let nothing go to waste. Leftover croissants (make sure you use great ones) filled with an almond butter paste, and rebaked, are sublime.  This is a pastry and hotel school staple and something you can expect to see in many a French pastry shop window. They are puffy, buttery, extremely easy but unique treats that will make you say, 'Oh shut up. Too good!"   If you like this recipe, you'll also love 1,2,3, Croissant Cronuts and Butter Flakey Doughnuts (not quite Cronuts)

This recipe is adapted from a very old cookbook and a rather cumbersome method. I have simplified the recipe but have kept some of its "kinkiness".
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