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Cakes - Coffeecakes

View Our Alphabetical Recipe Index for Cakes - Coffeecakes
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A rich red velvet or devil’s food cake, with the added tang of sour cream and the richness of pure cocoa. It also features a luscious white cream cheese frosting and one more baker's trick to keep this moist and delectable.

A delectable (dare we say, manly?) Devils Food Grooms cake complete with red food coloring for a Devilish crumb.

The pure buttery taste, with a trace of lemon zest, of this classic British loaf is wonderfully satisfying. You may wish to substitute chocolate chips for the currants if you prefer.

Fresh or frozen rhubarb spruces up storage apples for a sweet and tart coffeecake.

Filo dough does the trick here. A springform pan contains things in an elegant way, but you can also make it in two logs, as for regular strudel. This is one of the most sumptuous pastries you will ever make (and the easiest). There are rarely leftovers. It is more of 'rumour of strudel'. The scent of this baking will bring everyone to your kitchen door.

This cake is a cross between a muffin and a scone. It makes perfect coffee break food and an superb brunch bread. Freezes well.

This banana loaf is deep in colour and has a beautiful crumb. Slow baking is the secret to this one-of-a-kind loaf. This makes two large loaves. This recipe is a good keeper but you might as well give one as a gift.

 Chocolate, marshmallow and graham biscuits line the bottom of this cheesecake and more are planted on top. The result is a gooey, ooey, s’more-like mess of a cheesecake that is indescribable but so darned good, you might never eat those cookies any other way. The cookies create an instant bottom crust which manages to coat the bottom but also, some float up and become part of the filling. 

A graham crust (what else?) is the foundation of this popular flavor cheesecake that takes the S'Mores concept into a more elegant, more enduring dessert. Perfect for a summer BBQ finale. Chunks of milk chocolate coarse slabs of more graham cookie and a few handfuls of tender, miniature marshmallows stud the creamy cheesecake. Topped in a milk-chocolate ganache and swirl of warm marshmallow. Kid stuff? We think not!  But you can share it with Girl Scout and Boy Scout friends. No campfire required.

 The riper the bananas, the better the banana bread. The other tip is to hand-mash the bananas (no food processor) for the best textured banana bread. Marrying banana bread with the upbeat flavor duo of salty and sweet (peanuts and caramel) shows you how classic baking can become cutting edge with a few twists and tweaks.

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